Yummy vapes help young people quit smoking • Earth.com

Yummy vapes help young people quit smoking • Earth.com

Tasteful flavored vapors have been treated with suspicion as well as cigarettes delivered recently. However, a new study by researchers at the University of East Anglia suggests that smoking is less harmful than smoking, and makes it easier to kick a habit.

There was a lot of concern that young people start to lose because they are attracted to the flavors of liquids, and that it could potentially lead them to start smoking tobacco, study lead author Caitlin Notley said.

“We wanted to find more links between the flavors of vapeos, suspension beating among young people, and whether to just vapeos and potentially tobacco smoking.”

58 examining past studies, which examined over 500,000 subjects, Notley and her colleagues found that “juice-wise” is an important way in which young people enjoy smoking. This suggests that tasty products can encourage young people to change from tobacco smoking to less harmful vaping tobacco.

In other words, when choosing between vapors and smoking, adolescents and adolescents are more likely to choose first, and less likely to later adopt traditional fumes.

“Flavors can be an important motivator for e-cigarette uptake – but we have found no evidence that the flavors of e-liquids attracted young users to continue to smoke tobacco.” More importantly, Notley said that she and her colleagues “have found that no adverse or detrimental effects can occur while using liquid vape flavors.”

However, these results are not necessarily face value. The researchers found that previous research did not quite clearly define what the meaning of “survival e-liquid” would mean. Without clear definitions, it is difficult to explore and replicate the results of studies.

However, Notley believes “the continued readiness of flavors of e-liquids is likely to stimulate young people who smoke to change to a less harmful alternative.”

The study was published in the journal addiction.

By Alex Ruger, Earth.com Staff Script

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