World No Tobacco Day place to help you quit smoking

World No Tobacco Day place to help you quit smoking
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How to quit smoking? what’s the best time? How do you strike the smoke sting? While May 31 is World’s No Tobacco Day, all the practical information on the page will help you to quit smoking during this process.

Tobacco Info Service

  • an e-coaching program 100% personal;
  • advice about tobacco torturers
  • tips and mini-games
  • they seem to help.

The Tabac Info Service website helps you monitor the benefits of smoking cessation on a daily basis:

  • I find my reason (the benefits of my health, the reasons for deserting, I overcome my fears, I think of infancy);
  • quit smoking (my diagnosis, my strategy, I know);
  • questions/answers (reflecting relief, quit-risk smoking, dependence, beating, passive smoking, pregnancy, roll-your-tobacco, legislation, tobacco history);
  • I’m accompanied (3939, I find a tobacco worker, I check).

You can get information by contacting 39 89 from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 pm (free service) where tobacco torturers will respond to you in the process of teaching you how to quit smoking.

Last but not least, you can download the Tobacco Info Service application on your phone.

  • choose your shutdown method:
  • personalize applications for behavior, motivation, and concerns;
  • Follow your evolution directly to the end and the benefits to your health and your wallet;
  • find tips to help you cope with the urge to smoke or slip back.

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