Why is it so hard to quit smoking?

Why is it so hard to quit smoking?

What, how to stop smoking?

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Why smoke? A huge problem. Success, necessity, and health rules often have little effect on cigarette flames. How do we stop in this situation?

A few of them bring up this morning with a young philosophical partner Nathan Devers, who presents us an “autobiography of a smoker”, tells us about his relationship with cigarettes for ten years. For the first time before the twelfth century, I tried to quit and retire from pleasure and access, and then came across the latest invention of your very own personal cigarette lighter. Because of the smoker systematically suppressed by others (in fact ordered to comprehend).

You really become a smoker when something named (…) comes from small-wage cigarette practices like daily life issues.

This personal method will certainly not work for everyone, because it is so difficult to stop worrying after a long period of provocation.

Why is it so hard to quit smoking?

For Nathan Devers, as “die hard smokers, cigarettes are educational materials. It helps build up. It is also very related to working, counter to alcohol and hard drugs. little drug worker. There is one that allows one to concentrate on the task force.

Home-smoking is killing you. And he is born again in a completely different way. And this is what requires labor and which is altogether difficult.

Cigarettes organize the smoker’s time too. Cigarettes create a very different temporary relationship than hard drugs, for example. “It allows you to accompany your everyday life, it’s your style,” advises Nathan Devers.

Drugs allow you to escape, break up smoking, and then come back.

That is one of the main difficulties of departing refresh your life.

You had to reopen yourself, cease to be a man, and become someone you were not.


For the two entertainers, Nathan Devers and Amine Benyamina, there are too many prejudices about everyone. For it would tend to produce the opposite rather than the desired.

When you read the health magazine pages, you can get the impression that any human behavior can lead to physical danger.

Good prevention comprehensive prevention. Addictologist Amine Benyamina says that when a patient begins to suffer from quitting smoking, the first time she asks him to count on how much pleasure she has with tobacco.

How do you crack down while quitting smoking? Can we put cigarettes with vaping and other nicotine substitutes? An addictologist answers all your questions.

Nathan Deversphilosopher

Amine Benyamina an artist in addictology and head of the psychiatry and addictology ministry at the Hospital Paul-Brousse, president of the French Federation of Addictology.

Baptista Beaulieu

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