Why do you become fat while quitting smoking?

Why do you become fat while quitting smoking?

All smokers who try to retire know that they will get a few extra pounds. This was done as early as 1982 by early studies that documented that on average, one year after weaning, people earn between 3 and 5 kilos. Diabetes expert, Claudia Filozof, also produced a synthesis of the research on this topic, which showed that overweight people reach 11 kilos for 13% of abstinent men.

A metabolic change

The problem is twofold: First, smoking increases the basal metabolism, that is, the standard of our body’s energy consumption. Filozof points out that the body of smokers is naturally “burning” between 4 and 16% more calories than fumes non-smokers. Then nicotine is an appetite suppressing and hedonica substance. Immediately when it is no longer administered, the brain is looking for other pleasures such as releasing the same amount of dopamine. With nails, absorption 100 to 300 calories daily more. Data shows that 48 days after retirement, ex-smokers consume 227 more calories per day. Weight increases most during the first few months.

This last moment is of utmost importance, suggesting that candidates should focus on eating habits for about two years. At the end of this period the brain learns to produce again both dopamine in the absence of nicotine and during smoking. Among these fasters, 25% will manage to stabilize their weight.

Eat to calm down

Everything depends even on the consumption of cigarettes: in most serious smokers, great depletion is accompanied by the nervousness which they then try to assuage by incessant feeding. The research carried out on 2,600 participants showed that more than 15 cigarettes a day are outweighing this effect. And people with a higher education or medical concept acquire a minor importance.

All of this prevents women from giving up smoking as much as possible to prevent weight gain. There is one thing that I tell them: the health consequences of being overweight are much less than smoking.

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