Tobacco Free Month: Tell us how to quit smoking

Simply put, how do you stop smoking while maximizing your chances of success? As part of Tobacco Children’s Month, we went in search of information on bicycles from the Carcassonne town guard station. Manual.

No more restlessness syndrome after an hour of flying while still six survivors. No one gets more clothes that smell like cigarettes. No more slots in your wallet. No gray color. But above all, after a quarter of an hour’s jogging of breath. On paper smokers dream about all this. In practice, it’s a different story. On the occasion of Tobacco Children’s Month, this Monday, November 22, many indications were available for smokers in Carcassonne Town Hall. And as in Scripture, if we, too, once and for all wished to crush a murderer, we have come to give advice to the lot.

With a healthcare professional, more than 70% chances of quitting

Cigarettes with coffee, after meal cigarettes, one while waiting for the bus, a cigarette around a drink… First of all, Laura Raymond, an educator and prevention specialist at the Center for Care. And even in addictology, he invites us to take our accomplishment through a little exercise: put the fake cigarettes that are used several times a day in the box of “poverty” or “pleasure”. The end? “Review those superfluous things and consider them by obliterating”; he explains beforehand to the nurse and to the other ‘special’ educator. “Because with a health professional, we have a more than 70% chance of succeeding.”it is said

Up to six day packs!

With these the question of tuberculosis is further investigated. Specifically, through the Fagerström test, which enables us to detect and quantify the degree of dependence of tobacco smoke “Wait, how long after you woke up to smoke your first cigarette? Do you find it difficult to refrain from smoking in places where it is illegal? Which cigarette would you give up the hardest?” The duo brings us some surprises. “It’s not a magical formula. Have fun calculating what you put in a month to know what you spend. In addition to chewing gums and patches, you can provide yourself a psychological guide. Help you through your process. To help you. Understand your accomplishment!”they advise.

In the room, to complete the consciousness and design component, a hypnotherapist is specializing in stopping smoking. “I’m a very heavy smoker and smoked up to six packs a day. It drops out, but drastically falls back into its use. In general, these two-session therapies work for 3 out of 4 people.”Theobald Denarnaud.

Let it be said, not from that window. but to explore pockets full of speculations and practical advice. And we were arrested like never before to surprise our last cigarette.

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The support and prevention care center on addictology, 46 Rue Pierre-Germain in Carcassonne. Noti: 04 68 11 92 92;

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