Tobacco Free Month: Here are different reasons to quit smoking

Tobacco Free Month: Here are different reasons to quit smoking
There are a lot of ways to quit smoking. You just have to choose. (©Jonathan Kemper / Unsplash)

Since November 1, 2021, this is the 6th edition of Tobacco Children’s Month, an awareness campaign that provides support to smokers while weaning 24% of 18–75 are daily smokers (about 13 million smokers, according to the State of France).

Before trying to quit smoking, here’s what you need to know about the various methods that are available for smokers.

Quitting smoking: a strategy

Certainly some smokers can quit their job well. That’s not all. “It’s hard to quit smoking for yourself, for those around you, it often starts many times, depends on your level of dependence on cigarettes,” tells Olivier Smadja, a Tobacco worker in France, on which the Tabac Info Service and Tobacco Children’s Month depends…

Everyone can quit smoking, but it’s not about power. Smoking is an addiction, a disease like that. When you suffer from illness, you get the right treatment, the right medical advice.

Fabricius SmadjaTobacco specialist in France Public Health

The tobacco craftsman recommends in three main measures, the effectiveness of which has been scientifically demonstrated; behavioral or cognitive therapy specializing in replacement therapy or remote assistance.

And it will sometimes be necessary to try several of them for a long period of time, depending on their tobacco destination.

Behavioral or cognitive therapies to change learning habits

How to replace a cigarette break, a cigarette with coffee, a cigarette in case of stress? These moderate smoking habits can be corrected with behavioral or cognitive therapy.

Through these “short, up to ten sessions, we’ll try to relax the habits, habits, thoughts, and emotions that will replace the behavior associated with smoking,” explains the tobacco specialist.

Working with a professional who practices cognitive and behavioral motivation, can be a tobacco specialist, addictologist, psychologist, psychiatrist, psychotherapist, or even health professional, as a doctor if you have the experience. to exercise.

These therapies increase the chances of smoking cessation by about 30%. Some are reimbursed for Social Security before you inquire.

nicotine substitute long lasting

Patch, gums, paste, mouth spray, nose spray, these nicotine replacement drugs, reimbursed by Health Insurance, accompany a more or less high-dose nicotine-based dose at weaning.

The waistband fits unevenly to fit in with a lip pattern such as nicotine pies or chewing gum. The fullness of nicotine will spread throughout the body regularly throughout the day, while the oral form provides a peak in nicotine, for smokers who sometimes have an irrepressible urge to smoke.

Tobacco specialist recommends seeing a health professional for the correct treatments and the correct dosages. It will take between 3 to 6 months to “can comfortably prevent”, time to “get rid of nicotine for the body”, notes Olivier Smadja. Nicotine disclosure also promotes premature relapse.

These surrogate nicotine increases the chances of successfully quitting smoking by 50 to 60%.

Remote support: don’t stop in your corner

Remote aids also proved their worth. the 39 89, support number Tabac Info Service, it records about 50,000 calls last year, the application was accepted about 400,000 times last year.

There is also a Facebook group on the site… There are so many tools available to help smokers quit smoking in an effort to “somewhat like face-to-face tobacco specialist”.

But also therapeutic methods

In addition to these methods, the drug of choice also reveals its efficacy;

  • Champix (varenicline molecule); Prescription medical treatment, effective on second-line, “once other procedures have failed”. On the other hand, this drug is instantly “taken off from sale” because of a “problem in production”.
  • Zyban® (bupropion molecule); treatment is also effective, but not reimbursed by hospital insurances. “This does not decrease the effectiveness, but represents the cost to people who stop using this drug, while other methods are satisfactory,” notes Olivier Smadja.

What about acupuncture, hypnosis?

Another method, alternative medicine, such as hypnosis, acupuncture, earculotherapy (ear stimulation) or homeopathy…

“We can’t say that there are some methods that don’t work in this way to stop smoking,” acknowledges Olivier Smadja, who continues to work on solutions despite any “efficacy that has not been scientifically demonstrated” at the moment.

Everyone is convinced. This does not prevent the health professional from consulting at the same time.

electronic cigarette: effective or not?

Though the data still lacks its true efficacy, “there are studies that tend to demonstrate that electronic cigarettes can be effective,” explains the tobacco worker.

The advantage of this accessory is that it can respond by adjusting the dosage of nicotinea, a “retaining posture when smoking”.

Note, however, that the danger of attracting aerosol products remains not “demonstrated”, but withdraws the expert, as it is not necessary for some people to falter while they are not smoking.

“Smoking is the primary cause of preventive death in France, with 75,000 deaths attributed to tobacco,” he recalls. And yes, don’t miss it.

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