“Tobacco-free Month”: collective challenge to quit smoking

“Tobacco-free Month”: collective challenge to quit smoking

30 days. This is the duration that increases the chances of smoking exceeding 5 years, according to the Ministry of Health. To help unemployed smokers’ menstrual activity Without Tobacco In France from 1is November

Tobacco-free month: public health benefit

In Gaul, nearly 16 million people smoke daily. Tobacco is a major source of cancer and serious pathology. It kills 73,000 people each year. Smokers and 60% of them want to retire from these risks. But only 5% of smokers who quit do it alone.

Based on this observation, “Moi(s) sans tabac” was conducted by the Ministry of Solidarity and Health, in partnership with France Public Health and Insurance.

Inspired by Stoptober, which appeared across the Channel since 2012, “Moi(s) sans tabac” promotes the attempt to emigrate smoking, reliant on positive values ​​as a collective challenge. The starting point for this operation is that most smokers should retire at least 30 per day; Studies have shown that outside of this abstinence period, the chances of permanent permanent smoke increase.

Spot campaign “Me(s) without tobacco”;

Free tools to support participants

To feed smokers, three free tools are available;

Consult your website at https://www.tabac-info-service.fr/
call specialist tobacco at 3989 (free service + cost call)
Download Tobacco Office info app

#SmokingMonths kit

You will also be able to collect a free present aid kit, as well as share a wallet, by creating an account on the tabac-info-service.fr site. This kit includes a preparatory brochure, a thirty-day planner, along with tips for daily computing and disk savings.

In addition, we can share and view your Facebook accounts on orTwitter and use the #MoisStabacess hasstag to share their experiences and find support by joining the entire community.

Tobacco Info Service app: help quit smoking

#SmokingMonths application

To increase your chances of quitting smoking, the tabac-info-service site provides personalized support for apps that can be deposited for free from the App Store or Google Play. It is full of tips that don’t crack, lets you transform into its proponents, contact a tobacco specialist, and follow you into the health benefits of your wallet every day. A private storage locomotive accommodates the needs of the smoker.

All modules are customizable according to the needs of the user. Preferences based on causes, dependency, and violence-a-vis tobacco control. Depending on the activities offered, it receives notifications that accompany, advise and support the user in the process of closing smoking.

>>> Mobile Application free to download (evilandroid)

Good to know

Nicotine Coverage replaced by Insurance

Nicotine replacement therapy aims to reduce the urge to smoke and reduce the signs of withdrawal due to smoking cessation. The Health Service helps policyholders who want to quit smoking by paying for nicotine replacement therapy on a set list. Up to 65% are covered by this surrogate dose. The annual ceiling disappears and the advanced costs in pharmacies that use third party payments are abolished. Find out more

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