Tobacco-free month: advice from 2 experts to quit smoking

Tobacco-free month: advice from 2 experts to quit smoking

as part of a month without tobacco; which takes place in November and increases the chances of quitting smoking definitively by 5; Two addictologist nurses working at the Hénin-Beaumont center hospital give us some advice on how to say no to tobacco.

Horizon: How do you plan to quit smoking for good?
Isabella Kubiak: A petition has to come from a smoker! This may start with reduction and then aim for perfect weaning later. Each person is different: smokers come more or less easily, others will have more difficulties, but anything can.

What can a smoker experience 24 hours to stop smoking 48 hours?
Véronique Novak: Desires can be difficult to manage, especially the first cigarette of the day. Substituted products are used as smoker aids and, most importantly, it is necessary to replace them correctly, often with under-dosed men. They have different sizes, but still have a sting of smoke. Without a “morning cigarette”, some smokers may experience withdrawal. They slept through the night without smoke, and made them addicted to nicotine tobacco. In the morning, they arrive at signs of withdrawal, and this follows timidity and lack of patience.

We mentioned stuffing, what are other solutions to prevent smoke?
VN: We offer saffron pies, nicotine leaves and saffron nicotines as well as hypnosis, I have been trained in this practice and this is done in consultation with the patient. We also determine if the device is working or not.

Can physical activity help?
IK: Each man can have his own way! Physical activity is recommended and you must go for it. No, meditation and sophrology are also good ways. All you need is to break routines.

The sting of smoke never lasts very long;

What if still smoke recommends?
IK: It never lasts long, but it’s an extremely strong sting. The intensity of time will decrease, as time becomes more and more important. You have to hold back and be able to repeat them at the beginning. Simply moving to another room, making phone calls or having a drink of water can remove the urge.
VN: We can also say that quitting smoking causes a positive change in the body and fairly quickly: smokers are recovering breathing, less enlightened, and their organs better oxygenated.

How do you eat when you start smoking?
IK: We avoid fat and sugar, favor fruits and vegetables. Remember that you hydrate well and exercise physical activity, even walking or not taking an elevator are already good steps.

During the month of November, 3 people who have decided to quit smoking testify on the Horizon every Monday at 5 am, 6 am and 7 am, and Tuesday between 6 am and 9 am during the month of November. They will tell you how to live off this challenge.

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