Tips for Quitting Smoking and Withdrawing |

Tips for Quitting Smoking and Withdrawing |

quit smoking alone

Some smokers quit without professional help. Use if necessary emotional torture The pharmacist is available for free and without medication.

Stop smoking in groups: the opportunity with #MoisSansTabac

Every year, in November, #MoisSansTabac (an external location) returns. This is a collective challenge: 1 month without tobacco is more than 5 times more likely to quit. You can take the opportunity to get started on this process.

To help design, support and follow-up register on the #MoisSansTabac (external site) Tabac Info Service.

If you are looking for help and information, go to the Tabac info service

Thanks 39 89, on the site, you can benefit from a telephone support (telephone line 3989). The website also allows Web users to access personal follow-up procedures, or those close to their Tabac Info Service site.

Do you want to quit smoking or are you just falling back? Use 100% personalized boxes

You can benefit from 100% personalized customer by placing the new Tobacco info service application from the website. This new generation free app is for you! Get it quickly, it gives you 100% personalized support, transforms your supporters into loved ones, calls the Tobacco Craftsman if you need it, and offers you plenty of content so don’t fall for it!

Tobacco service app with info:

  • I make up my personality based on my budgets, anxieties and personal lifestyle.
  • D-Day preparing me for all my adventures (choice of ending, plans of resistance…).
  • I can gradually reduce my tobacco consumption until I completely quit smoking.
  • Contact a tobacco worker if you need to by phone (or by courier).
  • I see what my health and purse are worth.
  • Weight and stress with tips, exercises and videos for relaxing and positive visualizations.
  • In caps and mini-games build up so that you don’t rebound during difficult times.
  • I have supporters! My friends can help me with videos.
  • I share my progress on Facebook, and support the Tobacco info service page for the entire community!
  • I’m going down the game.

Tobacco info service is a monitoring tool to help people smoking from the French Ministry of Health, Health Insurance and Public Health.

This service is anonymous, your information is secure and only to help you stop smoking.

Video: I quit smoking, it’s easier with help

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