The testimony of Francis about the cessation of smoking on the road

My story with tobacco

I smoked from 14 to 46 years old (20 July 2002). A rolling tobacco pipe, then a savory cigarette. Right before I leave, smoking 3 packs a day.

After several attempts of not really believing in a few years, when I’ve done acupuncture, I’ve done hypnosis, I’ve used patches and I’ve seen them in between. For if I take stock outside of myself, only means should come out of me, as if from outside the solution.
It is true that I have several times told myself to stop other people (pain, smell, panic etc…) but not for me.
Some of them convinced me that it was not good, and jogged, I ate healthy. It was especially the fear of not being able to live without… I said I should die if I give up, cigarette me = to simplify my life.
To desist from death, to be no longer me. No need for fear, nor the fear of the curse.

Method that worked for me

One day I awoke without a cigarette, I waited before trying to buy some, a big desire, a glass of water, the sting disappears for a few minutes, then the sting comes on and gets stronger, then a glass of water is more of a desire. and so on. I said to me, it’s still early days, if I don’t have time yet to go and buy something. An hour passed so, I was not dead, I began to feel my strength grow. I could leave. At least we’ll see this on the first day, tomorrow, and so on from day to day, but I’m warning you that I’m actually going to end, and at the same time this opportunity will no longer depend entirely. Usually a game, a new experience. How will life be tomorrow without smoke? Gradually, I could look at my face and see all the negative parts, but without the fault of the past, it was old Francis and new Francis.

What helped me the most

To have no pressure, no object, to have my body pay attention, feel, improve in taste, have a sense of serenity and inner strength. Desire to change, but sweetly. Great for the present and for the times. I have greater pity, anticipation, and joy than what comes later. My breath became bigger and I was able to do 10 km next year at Lyons after the half-marathon. The honest man also convinced me that I would never smoke again. That life felt differently, and was bigger than before. This daily period without smoking is allowed for other life experiences.

That remains difficult

Now nothing is hard anymore, but at the beginning of presenting myself I was very much stopped by the smokers around, I also stopped to see some people who were smoking in closed areas because the smoke was unbearable to me, and I am not. We have already understood how we could strangle ourselves without reflection.

Advice or recommendation

Take care of yourself, you feel yourself, experience yourself, and why you don’t have to subdue and get past those desires (which seem to be pretty much) irreparable due to the lack of nicotine reward present from other experiences, such as knowing the smells, and valuing the approach. others sensing without the prick of smoke.

BRAVO perseveringly! What Francis relates in his testimony is of great importance; “By yourself, listen to your body and your senses so that you can bring out the new Francis.” Quitting smoking – beyond the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal that Francis has feared and has long been embarrassed by his attempt to quit! – The fear of not exporting is hidden deep inside a window and has been forgotten for so long… Many smokers tell me “cigarettes are a part of me, I’ve been smoking for so long, I can’t stand it without looking at it. …”. It’s true that quitting smoking in a person who has smoked for a long time is like a (re)birthday and that can take a little time, but you don’t need to stop smoking overnight and therefore change your status overnight! We can take a little time to familiarize ourselves with this new identity and give it time to take notes. the other cigarettes, which therefore lead to the degree of drunkenness! – can be a good grade.

The fear expressed by Francis about nicotine withdrawal is a legitimate fear that many smokers will participate; And yet, after the healing process (nicotines or any other surrogate) has been successfully performed, it does not suffer in comfort and not in pain. The major advantage of this treatment is for withdrawal; are related to smoking cessation which painkillers are used to relieve pain. It shouldn’t have to be done, but it is much more convenient with IT!

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