The 8 most important steps to quit smoking

The 8 most important steps to quit smoking

Wondering how to become a non-smoker?

Faced with the various side effects of tobacco, many smokers now want to quit. Some have tried unsuccessfully and others are hesitant to take the plunge out of fear. Indeed, the choice to quit smoking cannot be improvised. It is recommended to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Compared to alcohol, heroin and cocaine, we all know that tobacco is the most addictive. This substance is so integrated into your life that it is difficult not to succumb to some cigarettes.

So if you find that smoking is harmful to your health, why not make the decision to quit? You can face the lack, the emptiness, you will even be anxious. So in order not to fall back into addiction, you have to make a decision. These steps can help you get there.

1. Decide on the date of the verdict

In front of become a non-smoker the first step is simply planning your stop. For this, you should warn your relatives and colleagues. So you don’t have to look for excuses, because your only goal is to achieve your goal. You need at least 1 month of preparation. During the preparation, you have to put yourself to the test as a great sportsman who will do everything to win the competition.

In this case, you need to plan your smoking cessation. Because abrupt cessation is not possible, preparation is needed to help you say goodbye to smoking. For example, you can take the plunge on your birthday or an important event. Know that there is no right time to quit, but the key is to be well prepared.

2.Learn to live without cigarettes

Choose from stop smoking rhymes with a change of life. This is a somewhat complex process that requires a lot of patience and willpower. You deal with withdrawal situations to avoid yourself dive back. For example, ask your friends or relatives not to smoke in your presence. For the first few weeks, avoid public places where you are used to smoking. Also note that there are currently laws regarding the ban on smoking in public places in France.

In the event that you cannot avoid these places, politely decline any offer of cigarettes. Be proud to quit smoking. For this, it is advisable to reorganize your day by trying new activities.

3. Balance Your Diet

Becoming a non-smoker naturally also requires adjusting your diet. In general, most smokers are deficient in vitamins and minerals because their diet is not balanced. Rebalancing your diet is a critical step before you start to quit smoking. This allows you to experience this ordeal better, because a healthy and balanced diet will help reduce withdrawal symptoms.

In addition, this step prevents weight gain for those who are afraid to quit smoking. Because nicotine has made changes to your metabolism, it will artificially cause a lower weight than your natural weight. It means that you are using substitutes, your body will no longer have access to nicotine and your metabolism will not change.

4. take a positive attitude

Positive thinking is essential for smooth smoking cessation. In life we ​​react negatively rather than positively. When you decide to quit smoking, your life can be turned upside down. The best thing you can do is change your mindset to be more optimistic.

Every morning, think about the benefits of quitting smoking. It should be noted that there are many dangers of passive smoking such as lung cancer which is fatal. As a result, you remember in your mind the benefits of quitting smoking. For example, you will breathe better every day.

5. talk to family or a professional

It’s important to let those around you know that you’ve quit smoking to gain their support. Always have It is important to let the people around you know that you have stopped smoking to get their support. Always keep in mind that you are not alone in your struggle. Your family and friends are there to advise, encourage and support you. So surround yourself with caring people who know and understand the complexities of the process you are about to begin. You can organize trips together to replace the void that cigarettes used to fill.

You can also seek professional support to help you become a non-smoker. Please contact your primary care physician to check you and assess your health. This specialist can refer you to a professional who specializes in: quit smoking.

6. Do Breathing Exercises for Better Stress Management

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It is essential to work on your stress management, as quitting smoking suddenly can lead to: stress peaks and mood swings. For good stress management, you should do breathing exercises. Some smokers believe that cigarettes help them cope better with stress. As a result, they are afraid of coming under intense stress when they stop smoking. Obviously, you may be stressed at the start of the recording process. This is most likely caused by the physical dependence on nicotine that developed gradually during smoking.

7. use nicotine replacements or vape

By not using nicotine replacements to quit smoking, you feel this addiction immediately. Fortunately, there is another alternative to smoking. It is advisable to electronic cigarette. Indeed, it is an excellent way to help you combat the symptoms or effects of withdrawal. The use of a vaporizer is even recommended for successful smoking cessation.

You can also use nicotine-containing substitutes such as Zyban and Champix to relieve withdrawal symptoms. You may experience anxiety, depression, nervousness, lack of concentration, weight gain and become irritable. To resist the uncontrollable urge to smoke, these drugs are just what you need. These products are mainly intended for heavily addicted smokers.

8. Create a meditation

It may sound abstract to you, but scientists have been claiming the effect of mindfulness meditation on smoking cessation for years. Research shows that the majority of people have followed meditation training. They were able to reduce their consumption by 60% naturally. To do this, you can install applications that have a meditation program guided on the subject.


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