Termination of smoking and cancer: how to do it?

Termination of smoking and cancer: how to do it?

Tobacco consumption is a risk factor for many crabs today. When the disease is known beforehand, it is not too late to quit smoking: yea. Termination of smoking in the treatment of cancer has many benefits to consider.

When smoking a cigarette, our body is subject to at least seventy carcinogens. While the lungs are the first organs to be affected, the other organs are also affected by these chemicals. road the absorption of blood. Tobacco remains so carcinogenic risk factor a large amount of organs in the body.

Why quit smoking for illness?

broken cigarette weaning

quitting smoking for cancer it is important, or even vital, because it can improve the deplorable condition. Therefore it is not too late to wean, especially at the beginning of treatment. In fact, if you decide to stop smoking, you get better results from your treatments. This will not only be beneficial, it will also reduce the risk of developing cancer in the second, which might aggravate the first or even more serious diseases, but will also reduce the perioperative risks in the event of surgery. Indeed, when surgical intervention is performed, tobacco can delay the healing process, can cause respiratory complications and sometimes infections. Termination of smoking, or at least reducing consumption, is the policy from the least six weeks before operation.

Stopping smoking can also reduce complications that could arise with treatment and improve physical and mental quality of life: you feel better about yourself, and, like your hair and teeth, it gets a better look; We find a richer taste and a more pleasing spirit.

Quit smoking is possible

You can quit smoking according to your age. It’s a difficult decision for any smoker, and therefore it is important not just to take a step. Even if it may seem difficult at times, you will have the support of your loved ones, family members, friends or your spouse.

Their help is invaluable and sincere, although sometimes coming to terms with it can be embarrassing. You can also follow a health care professional (whether it’s your doctor or poor health staff, they’re all there to support you). Physician follow-up increases the success of ongoing cessation of smoking by 80%.

And all these things are put in order to confirm you, that there are several engines;

  • Join Tobacco Info Service to 3989 This service is free, available to all who want to have information, to those who smoke, or to those who want to get a immersion.
  • Website” Tabac-info-service.fr ยป It provides the public with information on tobacco and exercises to influence their destination;
  • Free online dating sites:
  • Tobacco Hospital Consultations;
  • Free applications to support cessation of smoking
  • Their helpers are also available in many places, such as the Cancer League Against Cancer: “For people who want to quit smoking – one step at a time”.

Nicotine substitutes

The dose But addiction, smoking, is not carcinogenic. In fact, tobacco consumption can block or decrease Thanksgiving

benefits from nicotine vicars

  • increased from 50 to 70% for ending probabilities;
  • relief of withdrawal symptoms
  • they want a smoke reduction;
  • help with great relapses.

The Nicotine Replacement Therapies (TS) do not induce addiction problems because they generate nicotine

absorbed more slowly in the body. The choice of a substitute is made according to your doctor’s consent;

  • Chewing gums whichever odor it is, it is necessary to chew slowly, in order that it may gradually emit nicotine. Easily transportable, chewing gum is convenient for smokers who need flexible assistance, as soon as the smoke sting rises;
  • Stamps (or patches) that nicotine can be diffused in a constant and long way in the body, in order to lessen the signs of withdrawal;
  • Sprays The desire of the smoke quickly relieves, since absorption comes near through the mouth or through the nostrils;
  • Inhaleurs allow smoking to have a smoking posture. There is enough cartridge mouth to lips to suck the combination of nicotine and mentholi;
  • Sublingual Tables these pastries are to be eaten, which are felt with the prick of smoke.

Since 1 January 2019, assistant facilities are reimbursed up to 65% by Insurance Insurance; The user’s fee can be paid through your complete health insurance. In fact, Social Security now pays for some reports of a nicotine dish, such as satisfactory medications. To ensure benefits and avoid relapse, it is advisable to receive these benefits for a minimum of three months.

What are other smoking aids?

Cigarettes and Electronique.

Nicotine substitutes are not the only means of smoking cessation. Certainly, non-nicotine pharmacological treatments The results show encouragers to stop smoking after taking a long period of time.

The Cognito-Morality Therapy (CBT) It can also help you quit smoking, such as relaxation techniques (eg relaxation relaxation), social resources, group therapy, motivational dialogue, etc. These therapies can be used as substitutes for nicotines and are useful for weaning, weaning and/or potential relapse preparation. There is a double chance of abstinence.

Finally electronic cigarette (where e-cigarettes) is also a good option for smokers to deliver. In fact, over 95% of the dangers being induced by conventional cigarettes can help to die.

Question from…

What are the negative consequences of smoking cessation?

Esther K., 48 years old

This question is often asked by people who think quitting smoking. Indeed, certain negative consequences can slow this decision, such as weight gain or depression. But these flows are very strict and differ from person to person. Weight gain is not systematic, and if this occurs, it does not exceed 4 kg. It can also regulate an adaptable diet and/or physical activity: it is important that you follow a health professional, because he will be able to take care of you and best meet your needs. This can lead to depressive syndrome due to withdrawal, but it only lasts for the first two weeks before the withdrawal decreases. This syndrome is therefore only temporary and is not systematic again.

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