Taste the pleasure of quitting smoking!

Taste the pleasure of quitting smoking!

The presentation of a method to break down with vicious smoking: a psychological and behavioral approach that helps to better understand the mechanisms of dependence and establish a concept of pleasure in shutting smoking.

You know the noxious effects of tobacco, you know the health risks, and your surroundings, which at the additional expense every month, have authentic both your mind and your emotions. Maybe you’ve been trying to quit smoking without success… Bertrand Dautzenberg, a lung surgeon and professor, presents you a method to finally break a vicious circle of cigarettes. In addition to regaining your freedom, the goal of the process is to quit smoking to delight you. How, or what? Thanks to the psychological and human approach, which will help you to understand why and analyze the fumes and devices destination.

The webinar is being recorded in November 2021.

Bertrand Dautzenberg, doctor and professor of lungs, author specifically Pleasure of quitting smoking.

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