Support system for quitting smoking

Support system for quitting smoking

Prevention policy priority was presented in March 2018 and the 2018-2022 national tobacco control program aims to develop an approach to the treatment of smoking cessation among all smokers and particularly disadvantaged people who want to quit smoking.

In France more than 13 million people smoke, but more than half want to quit smoking. Tobacco is a major source of cancer, cardiovascular and respiratory disease and is responsible for 73,000 deaths each year.

In 2018, a new step has been taken to amend the admitting of nicotine substitution therapies under the common law, as a way to satisfy all drugs. The common law compensation plan is to replace the withdrawal subsidy envelope of 150 euros per year and for the insured.

Nicotine substitutes

Nicotini vicars are an effective help in quitting smoking. They provide the body with equivalent nicotine content in cigarettes while avoiding the toxic effects of these. With the adjusted smoking dose, the non-smoker disappears and the body’s dependence gradually disappears.

According to the recommendations of Haute Autorité de Santé, nicotine replacement therapies are recommended to accompany the first line of treatment: they increase the chances of success.

Gallen tablets take place in many different forms and dosages and can be used in a variety of administration ways: resistant or unbalanced oral forms (gums, lozenges) and inhale quickly. They contain more or less dose depending on the amount of dosage.

Repayment terms

- Since 2018, some of these treatments (when chewing gums, pies and patches) can satisfy up to 65%. Complementary health insurance covers a user’s fee for these applications.

- People with chronic diseases (ALD) in which nicotine substitutes are part of a list of specific actions and services, and beneficiaries of CME-C complementary universal health coverage, coverage is 100%.

This common law provides coverage for a pharmacist dispenser and at the same retail price for the same product in all pharmacists in France, provides an appropriate distribution of products, allowing for the appropriate duration of dependency treatment. In this way, therefore, it helps facilitate access to these treatments for people of moderate size throughout our territory.

As a transitional measure, the withdrawal of 150 euros per year and the insured’s subsidies package, which allows satisfying nicotine substituting on a dedicated prescription basis, will be up to the end of 2018, to ensure that continuity is guaranteed. broad information about new methods of treatment and reimbursement.

Recommendation consult Haute Autorité de Santé

Where can I find information?

- To find out more about nicotine substitute coverage, visit the Safety Service locum site

- Find out more about the Tobacco Children’s Month system

- Recommendations Haute Autorité de Santé

- For information about tobacco and the company, consult the Tabac Info Service Site or 39 89, accessible from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 8 am, your name has not been loaded.

You can set up your Tobacco Info Service free of charge application according to your needs, your needs, your needs, your concerns, and your lifestyle.

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