Stopping Smoking – Live Good Morning

Stopping Smoking – Live Good Morning


If you’d like to quit smoking, you can now text ‘LIKE’ to 85222 access to our service!

If you’re a smoker you want to quit, today is a day to day website for information and support about your journey to a smoke free life.

The Chief Medical Officer and the Secretary of Health also highlighted that smokers are at increased risk from COVID-19. Smoking harms the immune system by reducing the body’s natural protection against infections, like coronavirus. Smokers therefore have more severe symptoms of COVID-19- and therefore fully committed to helping Quit For Covid! You can follow the Quit Pro Covid campaign online on https: Today is the day or you can search #QuitforCovid on Twitter.

Stoptober is back and Live Good Morning is here to support you quit smoking, breathe, move and save! The whole process begins on Friday 1 October and runs through 28 days.

In October, smokers in Buckinghamshire and all across the country are encouraged to take part in Stoptober. We know that if you can stop smoking for five days, you are more likely to stay smoke-free and stay healthy, along with step by step programs that help smokers successfully achieve this goal.

Live Well Stay Well is committed to helping the Buckinghamshire community produce free smoke and hopes to make it a company this year!

We offer 8 – 12 weeks of free human support via telephone and the option of NRT or E-Cigarettes

Are you thinking about stopping smoking?

No matter how long you smoked, quitting can help improve your health immediately. After withdrawal, the nicotine will be out of the body within 48 hours and will improve your taste and smell. After 1 year your risk of heart disease is nearly half compared with a person who still smokes. Stopping smoking is one of the most helpful things you can do to improve your health and the health of your people around you.

Live Well Morning Well can even support those ages 12 to stop smoking.

On this page you will find online resources, information and advice to help you on your journey to achieve your stop smoking.

We continue to help smokers quit the pandemic, but since today we are not able to see smokers in person, we run telephone/email/video support and counseling sessions and stop smoking aids being deployed by the pharmacy or pharmacy. Live Well Morning Well Coaches will provide you with the resources and the things you need to provide the best for your success, and they can even talk to you about and prescribe Nicotine Replacement Therapy. By writing your details securely in our form, you’ll have access to choose types of workers from our appraisal tools, digital destination settings and lots of other online resources. Why not register your details and see if you are eligible for one of our free child support programs?

Find out more or register today

Smoking puts people at greater risk of serious illness or mortality due to COVID-19. Find more and your vaccination books this “

Live good mornings well now supported over 1,600 Bucks residents quit smoking

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