Stopping smoking and protection and prevention of tobacco use

Stopping smoking and protection and prevention of tobacco use

From 1st* AprilYour Health, Your Way is a new service commissioned by Nottingham County Council to support Nottingham residents (children, young people, adults and families) to get active, lose weight, reduce alcohol intake, and quit smoking. The service will also provide assistance to the prevention and management of families.

Due to the current situation with Coronaviro, all support will be provided remotely, via phone, online or using the App Store. Nicotine Replacement Therapy will be sent to customers following an assessment of the service with an adviser.

For the most up to date information on the service, please

Visit our home page:
Telephone: 0115 772 2515

You can find information on the social media channels below:

Twitter @yhywnotts
Instagram yhywnotts
Facebook @yhywnotts

Support quit smoking

We all know smoking is bad for you, your family and your friends. There are many reasons to stop smoking as well as get plenty of support. It’s never too late to release smoking, and research recommends smokers who subsist on relief take four times more, and therefore you shouldn’t do it yourself.

There is a wide range of local support that can help you quit smoking:

  • assessing what’s going to help you
  • Explaining what’s happening to the body to say good-bye
  • Offering free smoking assistance like nicotine-substitution therapy (NRT), which can be given to you instantly, like a stop smoking drug, Champix

You can get this help e worker to stop smoking Your health, your way (details above).

Online support and further information are also available:

You can also call

  • the national quit smoking helpline on 0800 22432″
  • 0800 1699169 for quitting pregnancy.

Other useful information and assistance

NHS Choices Stop Smoking – Various articles on why you should stop smoking and advice on how to stop.

Smokefree Quit Kit – Order a free quit kit from the Smokefree website. It is a case of practical tools and strategies developed by experts, smokers and ex-smokers, which has successfully helped thousands of smokers quit.

Quit Smoking Support – Apps for phone and desktop to help support you in stopping smoking.

Quit – A charity that helps people stop smoking and has helpful advice if you’re worried about gaining weight when you stop smoking.

Stoptober – A national quiet campaign that takes place every October

Smokefree England – Information laws and smoke laws, including requirements, transportation and exemptions.

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