Stop Smoking Tobacco Free Month

Stop Smoking Tobacco Free Month
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Are you a smoker? This November, use the 6th edition of Tobacco Children’s Month, launched by the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health and Public Safety in partnership with the Health Service, and help quit smoking.

National challenge for smokers to try to quit smoking; Tobacco-free in November everything returns. Now essential, this feature provides smokers a support weaning day in dayIt has registered nearly 98,000 on the platform dedicated to November 4, 2021.

In most cases, at the end of the 30-day rest period, withdrawal symptoms have decreased considerably, and the chances of quitting smoking permanently are 5 times greater than at the start of the quit period.

Why register for Tobacco Free Month

I note in the archives Tobacco Free Month’s profits from several media:

  • A smoking professional . consultation : face-to-face consultation, telephone calls at 3989 or individual or group conversations with you or via videoconference;
  • a decoration ยป free smoking within 40 days with a daily program and tips ;
  • a community mutual assistance and social cooperationto promote cessation of smoking during the month of November.

The Operation Tobacco Children’s Month initiative was launched by France’s National Health and Health Solidariat and the Ministry of Health in partnership with the Health Service. Since its creation in 2016 more than 900,000 people participated in the operation.

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