Stop smoking: to help

Stop smoking: to help

Wanting to quit smoking is one thing. To cling to someone else. If you need help, don’t hesitate to ask for help. Chances of leaving permanently increase when a smoker receives assistance.

amaze me when i want “At least we want what we believe… The truth is that many young people have difficulty” stop smoking. To increase your chances of reaching this, don’t stay alone. To help.

Free phone line: 3989

When we want stop smoking and that a person is unaware of what to do, or even when he is in retirement, dialogue can help. Tobacco Info Service Line at 3989 (call non-surcharged) can be reached and is open Monday through Saturday from 8 am to 8 am

At the end of the line, your counselor will answer all your questions. If you want, it will happen to you tabacologist This can be attended for free through one or more phone calls to your weaning process.

Stop smoking new app to better help you

There is also an app Tobacco info service that offers 100% customized e-coaching programs, advice, games, tips, videos, monitoring your daily progress and the benefits to your safety and your wallet!

Participate in tobacco-free meals

Every year from November 1 to 30, the Tabac info service organizes a month without tobacco. This collective challenge is a real challenge. Action increases your chances of success 5! Register in October and join the companies in your region. At the same time, one has to rise to the challenge. You can also pick a range of free-range medicines. In 2019 more than 200,000 people registered.

Consult tobacco worker to quit smoking

If you need deeper assistance, you can make an appointment for a tobacco consultation in the doctor’s office. A healthcare professional to assess your addiction to tobaccoand they will provide you with personal solutions and promptly.

Note: The compensation for this consultation by Health Insurance depends on your medical condition.

It is good to know: “Multidisciplinary Consultations” on tobacco science are established in many hospitals with individual, patient-based follow up. There is no particular course in this context. Find your nearest email address.

Supervision of deputy facilities

When prescribed by a doctor or midwife, the Health Service covers nicotine images (packages, gums, lozenges, inhalers). 65% of the compensation and not more than are subject to the annual cap. And good news, you don’t have to pay the charges anymore! Upon presentation of your prescription, the pharmacist will provide you with nicotine substituted prescriptions.

Good to know: If you have complementary health insurance, ask to know if your contract provides coverage for substitutes.

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