Stop Smoking – Swansea Bay University Health Board

Stop Smoking – Swansea Bay University Health Board


If you plan to stop smoking it is better. In this section you will find information and links to support services.

But half of all smokers die from their practice. Retiring has not only immediate benefits to you, but also loved ones who breathe second hand smoke.

Nick and Covid-19

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When smokers often put their hands to their mouths, they might be at greater risk of contracting covid-19.

Evidence also suggests that smokers who contract Covid-19 may develop more severe symptoms and smoking affects the immune system and its ability to respond to infections.

But with the outbreak the number of smokers has increased to the average of an estimated 37,00 smokers in Wales.

More information

Help Me Quit offers telephone and virtual support. Phone 0800 085 2219 or text HMQ to 80818.

Go to the Help Me Quit website to learn more about your smoking choices, physical benefits, and success stories.

Go to the Ash Wales website to find out more about smoking and covid-19.

Go to the Public Health Wales website for more detailed advice on quitting smoking.

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