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Quitting smoking can make a drastic improvement to your life and health. From breathing easier and preventing cancers and heart diseases to saving money and having better sex, there are many benefits of stopping smoking.

Information and advice about quitting smoking on the Healthstyle Lifestyle Service website.

Support, support and advice on stopping smoking during pregnancy from 0-19 Family Health and Lifestyle Service.

There are several ways to attempt quitting smoking;

  • With one-to-one assistance from the local stop smoking service – one-to-one support services and free medications are offered for up to 12 weeks to help in a quiet endeavor. Research suggests this is the most effective way to leave – with smokers 4 times more likely to rest well than without help. For help and assistance from trained counselors from Coventry Health and Life, you can also call 0800 122 3780 or email [email protected].
  • Smartphone support app – we recommend you use the NHS Smokefree app
  • While going alone – many simply travel ‘cold turkey’ or use e-cigarettes as aids for driving.

Information to help you make sure Smokefree is available from:

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