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  1. Support quit smoking
  2. Pregnancy and smoking

Support quit smoking

Free, flexible, gentle support can help you quit.

Our support may include:

  • Specialist one to one help and advice
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  • Web or WhatsApp support from Parity Pal – Learned who was there, did it and can help you with the challenges ahead. You may want to share your email with us if you find it difficult and need some help. It’s up to you.

You’re likely to retire three times with our help.

There are many reasons to quit smoking. For information about departure benefits, visit the NHS: Quit smoking.

Ask for help

You can ask for help either by yourself or by someone you know.

Health experts can use this form to refer patients.

Request help to stop smoking

Or, tell the author, stop smoking;

Support comes from UCan, and from South Tyneside Council, the Clinical and Inspire Commission Group.

Support in COVID-19

Now is the time to quit smoking.

Local pharmacy and GPs provide maintenance at this time:

For information about smoking and coronavirus, visit the NHS: Coronavirus policy for smokers and vapers.

Online and digital support

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