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You can help stop smoking in the community.

How does it work?

During your regular one-to-one training, at appropriate times and locations, you and your doctor will create a formative action plan at the same time.

You will be provided;

  • information and access to stop smoking medications
  • Help with prescription costs (if necessary)
  • advice, support and encouragement from your followers

What I look for

The best way to quit smoking is with help and medication, and the Solihull Stop Smoking Service can provide you both. While it’s natural to be nervous on your first training, we’ll find some friendly and useful courses. It’s important to be perfectly honest with your doctor on how to create a 12 week tailored plan for your day to stop.

If you don’t know which medication you’d like to use, your Smoking Fitness doctor will give you guidance on how to replace nicotine products, gum patches, and even prescription-only medication such as Champix.

In each session you will have your carbon monoxide reading taken, which is a live and simple breathing test, and shows how much carbon monoxide is in your system. It is really great to read the “non-smoker” story and tell people how much they feel better – sometimes physically, sometimes financially and even mentally.

Stopping smoking is not easy to do, but with the right support, medication and stimulus from stop smoking companies we get the best opportunity to quit.

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