Stop smoking service • Salford City Council

Stop smoking service • Salford City Council

Let's quit smoking.  At the same time.

Salford Stop Smoking Service is part of a specialist health care plan.

The team that supports people in Salford has been to quit or reduce smoking for over 16 years and have the highest success.

All you need is help

If you’re struggling to quit smoking, you’re not alone – it’s not easy and some up to 30 attempts can succeed.

There are loads of help available to support you and there are so many reasons to try to quit.

Smoking can damage the lungs and weaken the immune system, so the more difficult it is to fight infections. In other words, if you have COVID-19 or you’re more at risk of flu complications.

From the moment the body starts smoking, it helps to cure the body’s ability to fight ailments. Just 72 hours without smoking means your breathing will be finer and are on the way to reducing the risk of heart attack or cancer.

Now is the time to stop smoking and quit for good. While our regular face-to-face assistance sessions don’t run right now because of the covid-19 confusion, the team is still here and is always on hand for your support.

We can provide one-to-one support available online or over the telephone and free Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT) includes, patches, gum, oral spray and nasal spray. We will work with you to help you develop one-to-one support and help you feel safe. To talk to one of the team and support you should simply quit;

  • call the Salford Spirit Helpline on 0800 952 1000
  • Or refer to our service completing . our online form below and someone will be connected to necessary maintenance.

Refer to your form

This page was updated on 19 November 2021

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