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Hospitality team

Phone: 020 7188 0995


We will reply on 2 weekdays.

Lambeth community

Phone: 0800 856 3409 or 020 3049 5791


We will respond to your call Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Please leave a message and we will call you as soon as possible.


We provide assistance and support if you are:

  • want to stop smoking for good
  • need help to manage aggressive dose during your stay at the hospital

Our hospitals and communities are smoke free. You cannot smoke or email in any areas including hospitals or outside areas.

You will have the opportunity to stop smoking during or after your stay in the hospital. We have a welcoming team and a service to the local community.

Our services include:

  • Tobacco screening and assessment
  • treatments to help stroke cravings
  • motivational tips for staying on track
  • managing relapse after you stop smoking
  • specializing in withdrawal management

If you stay in our hospital, you will be asked if you smoke during the last 28 days. If you are offering nicotine withdrawal medicine, go to the staff of the ward. These include:

The tobacco dependence specialist will visit you to see how you get a medication with nicotine depletion. You can even talk about your choices to help stop smoking.

If your education is in the community, please refer to your local office to stop smoking.

We can provide one-to-one basis

  • face to face
  • by telephone
  • by video

Stopping smoking before any health care is the best thing you can do. It will help your recovery and has many other health benefits.

The NHS Quit Smoking Guide has also advised on smoking.

  • Try and leave at least 8 weeks before your surgery and then stay smoke free. This will bring great benefits.
  • If you will first cease by your hand and last until you have recovered, you will still have benefits.
  • Do not smoke on the day of your surgery.

There are some reasons you need to be dose free before surgery. Please check with your doctor or nurse.

If you live in Lambeth and it is difficult to stop smoking, our company can help you. If you can help us

  • are housebound
  • have a long-term physical or mental condition
  • tried to stop smoking more often than not successfully

The Lambeth plan has information and maintenance to help you stop smoking.

Stop Smoking London has support services in London to help you stop smoking.

Health information

Our team has developed a series of short videos to help you stop smoking.

Today’s advice to grab smoking

Judith talks about what to look for and get your help when you stop smoking.

  • Structural smoking specialist advice – video transcript

    So here in Lambeth we do a great NHS Stop Smoking service so that when you touch us, you will be in touch with your special counsel who will be with you on your journey. When you plan to stop smoking, it’s important to think about what causes your desire to stop smoking, because some people find it useful to enroll so that they can report it later, especially. When things become difficult, you can just revisit it, and just remind yourself why you want to stop smoking and why it’s so important to you. We either provide one-to-one support, provide support groups, or even make home visits.

    We will measure your carbon monoxide, so that’s another thing that’s pretty encouraging. As soon as you get to us, you’ll probably find that you have a fairly high level reading, and then while you’re at your leisure, your reading will go down really low, and your monitor will be able to explain to you what carbon monoxide is and what it’s doing.

    It is common when you stop smoking, especially in the beginning to wear a fall. I say this now, always going over and over with your torturers, and while you stop smoking, you can talk about falls and see what you’ve actually learned, what you’ve learned, and what you’re taking away from it. And even when you’ve gone too far in a quiet endeavor, you’ll find that your power is strengthened and you feel confident that you can continue even more.

    You’ll have a special feature that provides you this support, so you’ll have a personal relationship, a personal relationship each week, and someone to report to you and just boost you on the road and see how you’re getting on. .

    You’re four times more likely to stop smoking than do your own exercise. We at Lambeth Stay Smoking Office have a good success rate, we’re a friendly bunch and, you know, you’re at the heart of what we do.

When parents quit smoking

Jessica shares with the boys their parents have quit smoking.

  • When parents quit smoking – video transcript

    When my mum stopped smoking, it seemed really stressed, and it should be very hard for her. So he usually wastes his money on packs of cigarettes and goes outside and leaves me with his sister. But we started to go to the movie and played around in the park, and we also go on trips to small families, like to the countryside. When I used to embrace her I was a little scared because I wanted to breathe heavily, but now I embrace her when breathing normally, at a good pace. She just feels really nice, her spirit is not all smoky and just feels good to be around her.

how to quit smoking

Natalia talks about her experience shutting down smoking.

  • How to quit smoking – video transcript

    I decided to give up smoking because it has been a big part of my life for too long. I hate how it feels to me, and I tried smoking a couple of times before giving up, but failed miserably. When I was smoking for almost 20 years at the point, I didn’t feel very good at all.

    I agreed that with the NHS to stop smoking by continuing their specialist service, I thought that having the right level of support will probably help me not wanting to smoke anymore and am so glad that I am in touch with them. They were great right from the start, they were offering me one at a time and the props were installed outside of that time, just like the pans and the gum and the tablets you put inside your mouth, which I had never done before and actually passed over. by means of that support, which I was able to obtain by the non-judgment, maintenance, and chimpanzee.

    Today is four months of my anniversary of not being a smoker which is absolutely fantastic. My partner is proud of me, my family is proud of me, my friends are proud of me, I am proud of me. I’m so glad I signed up for employment and I can’t say I’m a non-smoker.


Research has found that e-cigarettes, also known as smoking, can help smoking. Learn more about smoking using e-cigarettes on the NHS website.

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