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People who are looking to stop smoking are three times more likely to quit smoking when smoking stops.

The team is there to give you advice and information on the benefits of not smoking and how you can achieve your goal.

With a contact smoking station service, you’ll be delivered with a set of different options and adjustments offered. Their mission is to support you on your journey to stop smoking and discuss your choice of drugs and support your behavior.

Please note: During coronavirus stop smoking services are now offered telephone calls and movie calls rather than face-to-face. Please call the Lewisham team on 0800 0820 388 to arrange for assistance. There is no shortage of national Champix – please contact the company, to find out more.

We can help find everything you need to know to achieve your goal of becoming smokefree.

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Smokers clinic and online support:

  • You can see a special counselor who will give you intensive weekly or bi-weekly assistance
  • You can see a counselor in the community or your GP.
  • Flexible timings based on when you want it to start
  • Prescribe your medication through a voucher that you can put “money” at your pharmacy
  • We also offer online stop smoking support through our group digital self-help service. This is appropriate for regulating dependence on low smokers.

You can book an appointment by calling 0800 800 838 and all clinics are listed here.

What treatment options are available?

More will be available through your consultant, but these options are short.

There are two options of drugs:

  • Champix: a three-month course of drugs that partially impedes nicotine receptors, reduces cravings and reduces smoking pleasure.
  • Nicotine replacement therapy: a wide selection of different drugs that can be used on their own or in combination. Explain using advisor effectively.

In order to obtain the most benefits from these medicines, they must be used in conjunction with the help of a trained behavioral consultant.

Smokefree Lewisham website can be found by clicking on this link to stop smoking services website They are packed with information on where to get help and where access to help has become smokefree. You can also call 0800 0820 388.

Greenwich Service Parking Stop

The Stop Smoking Service offers free, local support and advice to be smoked by friendly, trained counselors. We also have specialist support available for mental health conditions and for those who are pregnant.

For further advice:

text: ‘just glad’ up to 60060

Email: – just send your name and telephone number

Tel: Connect to the LiveWell Greenwich Line on 0800 470 4831 with a stop advisor

Website: Live well in Greenwich | Stop smoking – referral yourself directly to the form.

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