Stop smoking – Lancashire County Council

Stop smoking – Lancashire County Council

Quit smoking this Stoptober

Stop smoking - start breathing with this Stoptober, get free supportsIt’s never too late to retire, so join thousands of people to stop smoking this October.

Visit the NHS Quit Smoking website to find many tips and help to help you quit smoking. You can also stop smoking on the NHS free app.

Stop smoking this Stoptober and start much more. What should we do?

If you live in Lancashire and want to quit smoking quit Squad can help you provide. Getting help out of a smoking service can increase your chances of successfully quitting smoking.

The service can also help you if you want to stop using niche tobacco (shisha or tobacco chewing).


If you’re pregnant, quitting smoking is one of the best things to do for your baby. The Quit Matters Squad is working with midwives to help pregnant mums quit smoking. Quit for a couple has special advice and support for pregnant mums. You can also fold up on our app, which helps you stay smokefree when you decide to start your quit trip. There are plenty of hints, tips and games to help you stay smokefree.

There is also an incentive scheme available for access to affordable walls along with its companion.

For information and assistance, visit Quit Squad or call them on 0800 328 6297.

NHS resources are also available.

Quit My Route

My Quittum Route is a free app that is available to all Lancashire County County Council residents to reach on Google play and Apple store. Expert advice and scientifically-approved tools will provide you with a good way to stay safe. The app can be used exclusively or in conjunction with special support from Quit Squad, a local structural service that can also advise you on the most appropriate facilities for your smoking replacement (NRT).


with 1st* October 2015 illegally to smoke in a car with someone under 18 today. The law was introduced to protect young people from secondhand smoke.

Children exposed to secondary smoke are at increased risk for health issues such as bronchitis, asthma symptoms, and middle ear infections (ear glue).

To security guard your home and cars, contact Smokefree Quiet Squad.

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