Stop electronic cigarette smoking, start with electronic cigarettes

Stop electronic cigarette smoking, start with electronic cigarettes

Would you like to quit smoking using electronic cigarettes in Tobacco Free Me(s)? Then you came to the right! Find a pattern and flavors that will suit you by answering the 4 questions below.

Here’s what we offer you

month without tobacco
month without tobacco



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This email is now one of the e-cigarettes promoted by the French Institutes of Health, especially the Tobacco-Free Me(s). E-cigarettes can even help to stop or curb tobacco consumption. three dependents acting as a smoker;

  • physical dependence by meeting their nicotine needs;
  • dependent on behavior allowing him to retain his body language;
  • dependence of the mind, allowing him to retain the pleasure which he had smoked.

According to the National Health Council, electronic cigarettes can also, if you stop smoking at all, “reduce the risk of developing serious diseases, such as cancer”.

Public Health England, that is the British Ministry of Health, is considering for its part vaping is 95% less harmful than cigarettes. This is mainly due to the fact that the vapor produced by ecig does not contain carbon monoxide nor other toxic or carcinogenic substances found in tobacco smoke.

Source: National Cancer Institute

Finally, an electronic cigarette allows you to save money because it costs less over time. This will become increasingly true as the price of tobacco packages increases, which will reach €10 in 2020.

All these advantages make them the first engine used in France to stop smoking. email cigarettes leave, according to official figures, more than 700,000 people say goodbye to the French tobacco.. What if in return?

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