Smoking: ways to quit smoking

Smoking: ways to quit smoking

Tomorrow, I’ll go smoking! This word is most common from smokers who have a choice between different modes of smoking cessation. Good news, it’s never too late to leave…

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Smoking: ways to quit smoking

Tobacco addiction: explanations

Marina Carrère d'Encausse and Michel Cymes explain the effects of tobacco.
Marina Carrère d’Encausse and Michel Cymes explain the effects of tobacco.

In France there are more than 10 million smokersand more than 35.5 million people had experienced cigarettes at least once in their lifetime, according to the French Drug and Drug Addictions Observatory (OFDT). 34.6% of men and 26.5% of women smoke. Figures which, although progressively increased in tobacco price and prevention campaigns, do not show a huge decrease. Meanwhile, tobacco continues to kill more than 75,000 deaths each year by Public Health France.

Cigarettes more than 4,000 chemicals (especially mercury, lead, arsenic, ammonia…). Some of them belong to the slime family, which promotes the occurrence of various cancers. The dosemeanwhile tobacco is contained. It plays a major role in the increase of blood pressure, in the acceleration of the heart, and in the destruction of the arteries. Nicotine is also responsible for the effects Tobacco addiction.

When smoking, it spreads into the lungs through the bronchus and penetrates into the alveolus. Small bag tubs that produce gas exchange between breath and air. By passing through the alveoli wall, hydrogen enters the blood and reaches the brain. Nicotine then binds to receptors in neurons and triggers a signal to send a chemical message; dopamine.

This message will activate a network of specialized neurons: your payment system. Result: When a single cigarette burns dopamine is released and the smoker senses well-being. Pleasure is fleeting, because nicotine gets rid of nicotine quickly, and the effect of dopamine is consumed immediately.

The smoker brain will adapt to this new demand, increasing the number of nicotine receptors. Therefore, there is increasing demand for nicotine to achieve the same optimal performance. Tobacco addiction then becomes a vicious circle.

Know how to resolve tobacco needs

Consultation in tabacologie
Consultation in tabacologie

Three quarters of smokers stop smokingto put on a patch or to take medicines that treat the body dependent on it. This opinion is partly true: the use of molecules calm lack of nicotine but we gain nothing in our manners. However, it is the one who has the most consequences.

One in two smokers want to end tobacco. But few among them are made through consultation with a tobacco worker who helps in fighting Behavioral addiction. The combination of behavioral therapy and treatment is more effective.

You can find your cause through the observed improvements while quit smoking: in 2 days you regained your taste and smell; in 4 weeks skin is prettier in three months we breathe better and have more energy; In 1 year, the risk of heart disease is already lower and after 10 years after the last cigarette, the risk of lung cancer has halved (source: tabac-infoservice).

Find help quitting smoking

Support meeting with former smokers
Support meeting with former smokers

With a marked increase in the price of Cigars smokers in an uncertain place much more are they weakened by their consumption. Further lack of treatments to reduce nicotine they are also very expensive. Those organizations may assist the Val-de-Marne Ouest Addictions Resource Center (RAVMO) to assist them.

Substitutes, medicines, hypnosis, electronic cigarettes, what do you choose?

Are there any effective medications prescribed for smoking cessation?
How are medications prescribed for cessation of smoking?

Anti-dose drugs (Check the chewing, sublingual tablets, inhale patches) are doses of nicotine that have been administered to the body through a variety of ways of administration. But the body of a smoker thus receives its dose without a smoke dose and all that it has is harmful to its lungs. This limits or eliminates nictonin deficiency. Gradually reduce the dose until it disappears completely. Nicotine plate therapy is recommended for first-line treatment and is more effective if tablets or gums are composed of patches. They cover CPAM, up to 65% on prescription, and the rest can be covered by health care accessories.)

Choosing the right dosage is fundamental to work with. The treatment lasts for three months to six months, but can be extended if necessary.

Bupropion and varenicline. Bupropion (better known as the medication Zyban®) is older than varenicline (Champix®), bupropion (better known as the Zyban® drug) is basically a depressed anti-depress. It is therefore prescribed by the physician. The evidence for its efficacy is solid, but its side effects are frequent (sensation of dry mouth, insomnia and dizziness), and therefore a serious medical necessity. These two drugs are only used as the second line in smokers who have severe dependence on the Fagerstrom test and in the absence of contraindications (eg, transient, bipolar disorder, anorexia or bulimia for buproprion, and psychiatric disease for varenicline).

Hypnosis. Giles quit smoking thanks to hypnosis. He did not believe the effectiveness of this method, but one session was enough to deliver those cigarettes! If hypnosis does not benefit from scientific evidence, like acupuncture, these two techniques have the merit of being without side effects and have not been formally excluded from the Haute Autorité de Santé.

View the video: Stop smoking hypnosis

E-cigarettes There is also an option, which tobacco is recommended by some torturers. However, it has not been publicly consulted by health authorities, yet the long-term consequences of poorly understood studies are still pending. It is used as an alternative to quitting smoking cigarettes. The American Academy of Medicine has confirmed its status in e-cigarette favor, contending that this product is better controlled in France than in the United States, and helps reduce or prevent tobacco consumption.

It is recommended to choose AFNOR certified products.

Pregnancy: quitting smoking in infants

When a pregnant woman smokes, there is a double intoxication.
When a pregnant woman smokes, there is a double intoxication.

Three times so many deliveries: this is one of the many differences tobacco-addicted women expose their babies. To help pregnant women discover these dangers, detectives measure the value of carbon monoxide in their body, but also in the infant’s body.

Far be it from the mother to feel guilty, this device enables her to visualize her progresssmoking.

Cancer: stopping smoking is part of the treatment

According to the recommendation of INCA, the . national cancer institutesmoking it is an integral part of cancer treatment. In Lyon, Léon Bérard established a central plan for sustaining volunteers and patients stop smoking in hospitalization.

To help them weaningpatients can count in addictologist nurses. “Intervenes and request patients to allow them to return to their retreat if they wish, or to make them more comfortable with cessation of smoking during hospitalization.“, explains Mary Dargent, a nurse addictologist.

Finally for all patients smokers’ should benefit from this support center”We are a cancer center. we ought to be future future generations in the country. This means that for a patient who has been treated as a cancer smoker, we will initiate a systematic meeting with a specialist health care tobacco professional, even if they have not expressed a clear desire to quit smoking.“, is confident that Professor Christine Lasset, head of the public health and prevention department of the Leo Bérard Center. Since March 2017, 450 patients at the center have benefited from this surgery.

Other benefits to stop smoking

The main advantage is cardio-the flaring, but it also affects health, especially in connection with cancer (see: Health Ministry site). Decreases the risk of lung disease and diabetes withdrawal; improve quality of life: fewer sexual diseases, gum and dental diseases. Taste and smell are improved, as are breathing and sleep.

Benefits to the skin

will improve skin complicationsmoking. Then thin wrinkles become much less visible and finally deep wrinkles that appear much fewer. The skin will find the oxygen it needs and block the accelerated damage of elastic fibers, which gives it flexibility.

Stop smoking it will also decrease the severity of several disabling cutaneous diseases.

The most common is psoriasis, which affects about 3% of the population, or two million people. Psoriasis is the more severe the quantity of tobacco smoked, especially in women. Patients who suffer from it are systematically asked to stop smoking or at least reduce their cigarette consumption as much as possible.

He also has skin cancer from tobacco, called squamous, whose risk is three times higher in smokers. In case of the lungs and heart, smoking will lead to a structural risk of this cancer at its normal level.

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