Smoking through hypnosis: quitting smoking forever

Smoking through hypnosis: quitting smoking forever

Hypnosis is an effective technique in the management of smoking cessation drugs. The patient, unmoved by this dependence for a long time, finally makes his decision. Unprofitable cogar, he perceives as someone else’s or the executioner of which he is the victim. Smoking should be a personal reason. If a subject is forced to leave his family or professional circle, then a failure is likely.

Hypnosis is the art to quit smoking

Termination of smoking by hypnosis is based on a suggestion and idea of ​​an impression. It’s part of every smoker. she wants and always wanted one day to get rid of tobacco. This part, however small it may be, amplifies the therapist. It gives advantage to the various thoughts and expressions that provide a person a feeling of freedom.

There are various suggestions on how to quit a hypnosis session. The patient seizes, and moves to him; For example, the association between tobacco and nausea, breathing pleasure, craving for getting rid of a toxic product, overcoming an illness, or going back to your body.

The quality of the physician’s patient relationship is what matters most. The patient feels secure. The therapist exchanges, explains his opinion, is afraid. All these programs are for the golfer’s session to better suit the requirements.

The technique of hypnosis works to prevent smoking in subjects who are weakly or sorely dependent on nicotine. Allays the signs of severe withdrawal from tobacco components and addictive gestures and gestures.

5 steps to stop smoking from hypnosis;

  • Smokero directly suggest a change: he’s no longer sick in the labyrinth.
  • Change the perception of addictive behavior.
  • Use hypnosis to visualize the future without tobacco.
  • Using hypnosis in the art of aversive: tobacco = nausea.
  • Self-hypnosis to empower.

One hypnosis session should be enough. However, the clinician feels prepared to accept the patient in difficulties and to continue the support sessions. If the weaning does not appear yet, there is no single point to increase the number of sessions. You must wait a few weeks before hypnosis treatment is updated.

The precipitous and immediate stopping point has always been demonstrated to be more important than a gradual stop. Hypnosis is the reason why the patient chooses to get rid of tobacco as quickly as possible.

But many patients need steps to establish their decision and make a change. It is therefore necessary to obtain better effects.

Smoking during a hypnosis session

The patients are usually treated in small groups.

The preceding interview is essential to assess:

  • dependency links: gestures, drugs, obsession.
  • Cause
  • Family and professional environments (students or obstacles).
  • Any previous detoxification.
  • The risks of side effects: weight gain, depression, anxiety are the most important.

We then explain hypnosis suggestions and strategies to stop smoking.

Then the patients join a small group of 3 to 6 men. The hypnosis session is then performed classically to stop smoking.

  • He approves of the plan.
  • Introduction While seated in a chair.
  • Gravity time.
  • The numbness of this man.
  • Therapeutic goals:
    • Valorizing: the possibility of having tobacco excluding.
    • Aversives: The sight, smell, and conjuring up of tobacco instantly provoke severe nausea.
    • Changeable manners, gestures and images of forgotten tobacco, smoking is a thing of the past.
    • Reinforcers: I found pleasure in breathing and living.
  • Awakening.
  • A few comments.
  • hygiene and nutrition.

The physician therefore takes the advice of the patient to follow him. He must be vigilant and take into consideration the very important issue of closing smoking in order to put it in question. Any attempt, however unreliable, to smoke is a risk of relapse even after many years. The patient must change his surroundings, throw away his signatures and lighter ones, remove tablets, ointment on his home, and make his home clean, just as he lives in a non-smoky world. What he wants is in accordance with what he feels.

Increase Hypnosis to quit smoking

Success rate prevents smoking using hypnosis

  • 72% one month after the session.
  • 63% for the past two months.
  • Then 45% for three months.
  • Then 35 to 40% for six months.

The prospect of hindsis is enough to confirm the truth of shutting down smoking from hypnosis. Patients heavily dependent on nicotine are weakened by the same proportions as those who are dependent on moderately dependent nicotine.

It can lead to side effects that require treatment. Neglecting weight gain, poorly estimated anxiety, and inadequately corrected depressive elements raise the fear of an early relapse. Treating the possible side-effects of hypnosis quickly and shutting smoking helps keep you safe from shrinking.

The sick

  • 13% said they had experienced anxiety the first day.
  • 30% two to eight kilos.
  • 5% kept down during the first few days.

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