Smoking cessation: what are effective ways to stop smoking?

Smoking cessation: what are effective ways to stop smoking?

Many smokers clearly show preference for e-cigarettes as a tool to help quit smoking. The important thing is to choose the method that suits you best, knowing that you can combine multiple techniques. A tobacco specialist can advise you to put a stop to smoking for good. Smoking is a scourge that kills nearly 75,000 people every year in France.

Nicotine substitutes

The cigarette is the smoke it is dangerous because it contains carcinogens. In order to successfully quit smoking, you need to provide the body with nicotine that is made dependent without incurable tobacco. This is the gift of nickel substitutes, available in a variety of forms: gums, patches, showers… Key to successful weaning? “It is important to have a fairly high dose of nicotine”; replies Prof. Bertrand Dautzenberg, pulmonologist.

The patches deliver nicotine continuously for several hours. There are various doses that allow you to measure out according to the requirements of your parameter. “Cigarette provides 1 milligram of nicotine. 20 cigarettes therefore represent 20 mg of nicotine. This amount is 21 mg / 24 h”; Dr Anne-Marie Ruppert, coordinators of the Franco-speaking Tobacco Group of Pneumology Society, will summarize. In heavy smokers (2 to 3 packs of cigarettes per day), many patches are needed to get rid of the harmful effects.

In addition, gums and pies may be used in order to administer compulsive cravings on demand. “When oral nicotine is substituted, nicotine passes through the body through the transmucosal pathway. To be effective for gum or electuary, you must chew twice, then stick to the cheek for a short time.” explains Mr. Ruppert.

advantages Nicotine substitutes are available over the counter in drugs. They can also be prescribed by a doctor, midwife, dentist, nurse or physiotherapist. In this case, Social Security balances them up to 65%. 35% of the remaining loan interest.

Disadvantages: Side effects are rare (an ulceration of the mouth, sobs, skin irritation, insomnia…). In addition to these products do not suppress nicotine. With the delay in smoking, the doses of nicotine substitutes should be reduced gradually. The risk of remaining dependent on nicotine replacement therapy is rare. This danger appears to be higher with oral forms, on account of faster activity in the brain.


This electronic cigarette is now part of the therapeutic arsenal. It allows smoker behavior to conserve and protect the organism with the necessary dosage of nicotine (liquids may contain up to 20 mg/ml), while avoiding attracting all the carcinogenic substances of tobacco. It is estimated that 700,000 smokers successfully using “vaping” will remain inactive this year. “An English study compared electronic cigarettes with nicotine substitutes. In one year there was 18% cessation of smoking with electronic cigarettes as opposed to 10% with nicotine substitutes”; waits for Mr. Ruppert who adds: “Although one year 80% of smokers who quit with e-cigarettes still use e-cigarettes, while only 20% keep nicotines substitutions among those who quit with nicotine substitutes.”

The study was compared to compare the French e-cigarette with the drug, varenicline. The event is expected in two years.

A group of independent researchers from the Cochrane Library published on 14 October 2020, is reviewing the scientific literature, in which it concludes that electronic cigarettes are more effective than nicotine substitutes. Basically, when 100 smokers stop smoking thanks to nicotine substituting, an additional four e-cigarette smokers retire. Researchers, however, acknowledge that the degree of scientific proof remains in this “moderate” situation.

Another study published in June 2021 Dependence. Shows e-cigarettes are more profitable than nicotine substitutes very addicted smokers. 135 smokers for they have not been able to wean They either received conventional devices as a nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) of their choice, or chose e-cigarette juices as their flavor choice and with the nicotine content that best fits them. The results showed a significant difference smoking reduction in the e-cigarette group: 27% of the participants in the group had reduced smoking at least half across 6% of the participants in the TN group. It should be noted, however, that researchers confirm this effectiveness classic weaning devices not in doubt.

advantages smoke from e-cigarettes is a lot less toxic than tobacco. “It allows you to release carbon from carbon monoxide and reduce the nicotine dose, thus less dependent”; considers Professor Dautzenberg.

Disadvantages: e-cigarettes contain substances whose long-term health effects are still poorly estimated. Moreover, electronic cigarettes, like nicotine substitutions, help smoking cessation, but do not cure the accessory. “Many patients recognize that it is important for them to keep the smoke contained in their throats to the touch. In some cases, nicotine is preferable”, says Professor Dautzenberg. After smoking has been delayed, wean your vapoteusa for several months, gradually reducing the doses of nicotine.

Le Champix

Champix a few years ago (varénicline) accused of increasing the risk of sadness and death. From that study he cleared thousands of smokers. “No more psychiatric complications with Champix”, notes Dr Ruppert. Remaining weaning, anyway, is difficult. “Some 30% of heavy smokers experience depression when they quit smoking”; He observes Pier-Vincenzo Piazza, specialist in pathophysiology at Inserm. “stop smoking which weakens the mind, not drugs”; confirms Mr. Ruppert.

advantages This drug reduces the harmful effects in the brain to the same receptors as nicotine. Social security is highly dependent on smokers dependent on post-deficiency Nicotine substitutes. “Varenicline is a good medicine, more effective than bupropion.”marketed under the name Zyban, Editorial Note) and vicarious facilities. Its main advantage is that there is no research on dosage adjustment” explains Mr. Ruppert.

Disadvantages: Champix can cause nausea, which is why it is recommended to take a snack. It is also better that you do not sleep late at night, lest you should sleep.

Le Zyban

First off, Zyban (buproprion) is an antidepressant. Studies have shown that varenicline and nicotine therapies are less effective than therapies.

advantages decreases greedrepress the urge to smoke.

Disadvantages: It has side effects (risk of insomnia, neurological disorders, etc.) and interacts with other drugs (some antidepressants, beta-blockers, etc.). This is only recommended as a last resort for heavily addicted smokers. Social Security is not reimbursed. “Today a small place has been left for this drug”; concludes Mr. Ruppert.

Hypnosis, meditation

Hypnosis and meditation have not provided scientific proof of their efficacy in ceasing smoke. But they are popular with some smokers.

advantages Like meditation, hypnosis helps people who have difficulty coping with stress. They often mask everyone’s anxiety. Stopping smoking may be a difficult course on a psychological level. These types of relaxation can help with this feeling.

Disadvantages: Social Security has not been reimbursed.

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