Reinforcements for checking – Fares asbl

Reinforcements for checking – Fares asbl


Health professionals moving!
As health professionals (dentists, midwives, pharmacists, nurses, physiotherapists, doctors, etc.), you perform an essential role in raising awareness and informing the smoking patient.

Attention D

The physician can support the patient during his accession, by providing assistance and assisting by stopping prescription drugs.
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LE Tobacco

She is a health professional or graduate in psychology who has followed specific training to help quit smoking. It operates, among other things, on a multidisciplinary team within Approved Fitness Assistance Centers – CAF®.

-CAF® smoked aid centers

These centers were created in the early 1980s, which were approved and organized by FARES. They may offer individual CAF® group consultations. Most often, contacts consist of a doctor, psychologist, dietitian or physiotheapist and provide tools to address your needs and resolve problems. A close collaboration exists between the center and the physician agent. The number of consultations depends on the patient’s needs.

Find Support Centers for Smokers – CAF® in most countries: in Brussels, Charleroi, La Louvière, Mons, Walloon, Brabant, Namur, Liege, and even in the Arduenna.

You can find a special tobacco or CAF® counseling directory for your own tobacco consultations. You can include your consultation in the directory: register.


Tip and advice lines on tobacco and cessation smoking for people who need help.

To ask all your questions about smoking and quitting smoking, call 0800 111 00, free from 3 am to 7 am

Outside of these hours, you can order the “stop smoking” holiday season and benefit from the smoking cessation support program online. To do this, simply go to the site and click on the “Coach Tabac-Stop” tab. Once registered, the patient can receive all types of counseling when quitting smoking, doing important exams, talking with other smokers on the forum.

This project is the foundation of the Initiative Against Cancer in collaboration with FARES.


Some organizations provide mutual aid programs, or even economic interventions, to assist patients.


Some Maisons Medical Services provide programs that help patients.


Covenant “Life and Health”
provides group therapy in the form “5 day plan” which takes place 5 evenings across the country for free.

Phone. 02/511. 36.80 (Covenant on Life and Health, central secretariat)
Phone. 04 / 349.51.33 (Mr. Luc Schreiden, regulator of the Liege region)
Phone. 0475/256122 (Mr. Yves Pierre, coordinator for the Namur region)

Group psychotherapy is required for the presence of a benevolent audience for five consecutive evenings. Do one or two promoting session (1:30 to 2 hours).

DRUG treatments

Any drug treatment requires vigilance and maintenance.


Part of the nicotine in cigarettes

In general, before any experience, it is good to ask your doctor for advice that will estimate your degree of nicotine dependence (Fagerström test) and if nicotine replacement is indicated in your case. Tailor yourself a dose and plan of substitution to suit your needs and desires. You can also ask your pharmacist for more information, as most of these products are over-the-counter.

There are various types of substitutes: chewing gum (2 or 4 mg, mint flavor, either delivered or made with fruit), transdermal patch or patch (5, 10, 15 mg in 16 hours; 7, 14, 21 mg in 24 hours); inhaler. ( 10 mg ) , sublingual ( 2 mg ) or suck ( 2 or 4 mg ) tablets.

Each substitute has information, advantages and disadvantages. It is essential first to use the classic dose, then to adjust it if necessary. In some cases it is necessary to combine the continuous form (spatial) and other flexible forms such as chewing gum or tablets, with the physician’s consent.


Bupropion it also doubles the success of sending off, even in uncontrollable situations. It is under prescription drugs, because it is contraceptive in some smokers, usually minor side effects (dry mouth, insomnia) and rarely causes convulsions in ready subjects. It is also necessary to keep the prescribed doses here, divided into two ways (morning and late afternoon).

La nortriptyline it also seems to be very effective in helping continuously, but this indication has not yet been registered.


Varenicline (Champix®) is subject to prescription and monitoring medical supervision and is reimbursed by a mutual insurance company. This ensures that abstinence rates are significantly higher than buproprion and nicotine substitutes, according to scientific studies and specifically, the EAGLE study. This same study as well as a more recent study, CATS**, has shown that vareniclinum does not cause more beneficial cardiovascular and neuropsychiatric disorders. The cure lasts 3 to 6 months and can be taken in different ways. For more information, ask your doctor for advice.

Anthenelli, RM, Benowitz, NL, West, R., St Aubin, L., McRae, T., Lawrence, D., Ascher, J., Russ, C., Krishen, A., & Evins, AE. 2016). Neuropsychiatric safety and efficacy of varenicline, bupropion, and nicotine patch in smokers with and without psychiatric disorders (EAGLE): a double-blind, randomistus, favorable clinical trial. Lance (London, England), 387(10037), 2507-2520.

Benowitz NL, Pipe A, West R, et al. Cardiovascular Health Varenicline, Bupropion and Nicotine Patch in Smokers: A Randomized Clinical Trial. JAMA Intern Med. 2018; 178(5): 622-631. doi:0.1001/jamainterned.2018.0397


Relax physiotherapy consists of teaching relaxing techniques.
RENS. : different associations of physiotherapists (071/41.08.34)

Soproologia uses verbal prompting to put the person in a state of mind. Plans to reject tobacco may permeate their consciousness and will have to be implemented.
RENS. : Sofrology of the Belgian Society of Jesus (081/21.14.20)

Hypnosis applied to tobacco science, mainly aimed to treat psychological and behavioral dependence in tobacco. The most effective modern techniques work mainly on emotions, emotions, opinions, and are no longer used in protest or distaste for tobacco as in the past.
Proposed and individualized hypnotic suggestions are completely unconsciously imprinted, which thus helps the smoker to effectively rescue himself from tobacco.
RENS. Groupement Francophone des Tabacologues Hypnotherapeutes (GFTH), coordinated by Dr. J. Coulon, in 0475/55 86 45 .


Drug is a form of psychological support. Some homeopaths prescribe work such as boredom, tobacco or cowardice, and believe that it helps tranquility.
RENS. : Belgian Homeopathy Union (02/346.18.26, Tuesday and Wednesday morning)


L’acupuncture It consists of a few needles fastened to various parts of the body. More sessions are needed.

Auriculotherapy there is no art on the scale of the ear. Ease the state of appetite and stress associated with ceasing smoking.

Laser mode It consists of three sting points in the ear with a laser beam, and then three small needles close up.

Mesotherapy It consists of several injections into the dermis, that is, a few millimeters below the surface of the skin. The products used are many and vary according to your doctor (medicine, plant allaying, tobacco, tobacco, etc.). This treatment can last for months.

All these methods can be used to support psychotherapy without only having a specific action.


There are many alternative methods and techniques. These are designed to help or support people who want to quit smoking. Watch out, these methods operate almost exclusively on psychic dependence. Keep in mind that in some cases it is necessary to seek medical help for problem solving with a physical approach to nicotine. There are still a few objective studies on the results that can be expected from these alternate methods.

The smoking cessation forum. Also, before using the product or process for which advertising services Ask your doctor or pharmacist. Find the price of these methods. We saw hypnosis quit smoking at the clairvoyance salon that claimed to do quit smoking in one day… for €400!


Incorporated into a cigarette holder, nicotine absorption can decrease pitch, but does not mitigate the urge to smoke. If you’re addicted, your nicotine deficiencies will inevitably result in more severe smoking. Solution filters are not valid.


They do not contain nicotine, but carbon monoxide and tars, which are still present in combustion products and created paper, and are therefore dangerous. not recommended.



With these products, the act of taking a cigarette stops that often relapse!

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