Recess, electronic cigarettes… Five questions for stopping smoking

Recess, electronic cigarettes… Five questions for stopping smoking

In recent years, vaping has become very popular to quit smoking. “It’s a method that is common in France and is working”explains Professor Bertrand Dautzenberg, tobacco worker at the Arthur Vernes Institute; especially since I don’t smoke cigarettes my entire life: today there are as many ex-vapers as there are vapers.. The professor indicates that it is necessary to use the e-mail survey. “It’s fine to be purchased and attached with the right dosage. I recommend you to a specialist seeking advice or go to the vape shop to get the correct advice!”, he said.

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For addictologist Stephanie Ladel, vaping is always better than smoking cigarettes “save start up” and while the road is at the end of the tobacco. In 2020, 37.4% of 18-75-year-olds said they had already experienced e-cigarettes, according to the Gaul Republic. 5.4% said they own one and 4.3% use it daily.

Does quitting smoking necessarily lead to weight gain?

Due to the importance of smoking, the fear of migrating is common for many smokers, but it is far from inevitable. “Not everyone who replaces a good dose doesn’t gain weight”says Professor Dautzenberg; on the contrary, those who suffer pain and struggle take it up; therefore, it must be done gently and calmly, without vanity.”.

Stop smoking for a month! The first step is a definitively decisive stop

“Gaining weight is the preconceived idea of ​​stopping smoking”confirms Stephanie Ladel. Locating a lack of nicotine, we don’t cause stress so we don’t avoid food”. The addict however warns: “Smoking suppresses the appetite. It is possible, therefore, to find hunger, which we were not accustomed to, but it is not an ogre appetite, it is a normal appetite.”. It is also said that a smoker has a less sharp taste and smell. When quitting, it is common to find flavors that had previously been contaminated with tobacco and take more pleasure in eating.

How long does it take to quit smoking?

Many smokers who choose to quit are lacking in time to get what they want. In fact, it was not intimidating to feel comfortable with it. “The shutdown may take a week or two weeks!” I support Bertrand Dautzenberg. “ If you receive support correctly, a smoker can quit smoking within two weeks without difficulty, testified Stephanie Ladel, who specifies that the date for nicotine can be treated with substitutes.

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If termination is possible quickly, the apportionment is terminated “in three months”according to Professor Dautzenberg, who advises “A smoker who quit smoking does not become a non-smoker, but an ex-smoker who relapses will threaten his life.”.

Is it a good time to quit smoking?

New Year’s End celebrations, stressful things, new job … Smokers tend to delay in believing it “this is not the right time” to stop. “Tomorrow morning is the right time”confirmProfessore Dautzenberg. Smokers are not the culprits, but the victims of the destination, only to be considered for this treatment. ” However, he considers “Tobacco-Children’s Month” a good gateway to smoking cessation, especially seeking advice from experts and ex-smokers.

Falling tobacco prices: trend or marketing strategy?

“I want to fight against the common opinion, which delay occurs in calamity and illness”;says Stephanie Ladel. Easier than you think through assistants, which support pans, gums, and companions.

Is it useful to cut down on smoking?

Should you stop abruptly or reduce your consumption soon? Experts agree: it’s always useful to reduce the number of cigarettes if there is a way to leave. But against, “Failing without adequate drug intake brings pain and no difference”he gives Bertrand Dautzenberg.

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Stephanie Ladel underlines another vigilance point: Some smokers may be able to cure the malaise, so they are much more likely to drink in their cigarettes, which is much more damaging. The addict also advises every cigarette to strengthen their nicotine addiction. “There is only 0 health risks associated with smoking 0 cigarettes.”

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