Quitting smoking overnight: A bad idea?

In France, 25% of adults smoke daily. Whatever your age and daily cigarette consumption, project quit smoking make the best decision. But sometimes we’re a little lost. that the sudden witness was the wisest. Others, on the other hand, explain that the weaning was only successful, which was prepared beforehand.

The bronchi remain sensitive for 4 to 8 weeks

Now it is necessary to counter the accepted idea. There’s no danger or danger by continuing to spend the night.

The downside is that there are various periods of recession. It’s just that your body will get used to life again without cigarette smoke. you have difficulty breathing. In fact, the movement of your bronchial tubes is normal. In recent years, smoking has suffered from fumes. After this they must “work” to remove the residual tobacco. This period lasts for about 4 to 8 weeks when they will remain sensitive and slightly irritated. It takes time for your body to learn tobacco free life.

Nothing hurts you?

“The hardest part is not to quit smoking, not to resume.” notes Cutarella. According to him, overnight is not the best solution. “A sudden retreat means that we can’t hurt ourselves because we’re afraid to expose ourselves to a great failure, and first of all, long-term success is not guaranteed. But the goal is to think about your needs. Want to leave. Assess the reasons for smoking and the advantages of withdrawing. According to this take into account decision making”; the artist advises.

Check the list of cigarettes

The idea, therefore, is to prepare in advance.

For example, we can ask ourselves and think about the restrictions that are imposing on us. Do you want to run to the open tobacco someday? Do you want my skin or my hair to smell like tobacco? My house still smells like smoke? A big part of my budget is spent on cigarettes! When we think more strongly about the consequences of tobacco in our daily lives, they speak more clearly than when we are talking about the dangers of diseases that seem less concrete. By preparing your stop step by step, you will put a lot more chances into your final presentation.

“If you feel that you don’t have the power alone, you have absolutely no help. There are today’s most effective behavioral or cognitive therapies. And nicotine substitutions that will get your help through this course!” Dr. Cutarella underlines. However, there should be no impediments to an already difficult decision. That’s the main reason.

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