Quitting smoking or relapse: 3 effective tools

Quitting smoking or relapse: 3 effective tools

Beginninghypnosis is to change some information in our subconscious. In case of a tobacco destination, the hypnotherapist helps the patient to transform the perception of cigarettes. During the hypnosis phase, he makes therapeutic suggestions:

  • aversives such as disgust, smell and taste of tobacco
  • rewarding: putting in the pride of quitting smoking
  • behavioral factors: modifying attitudes and self-image associated with smoking and goodies in the past
  • strengthen: anchor the pleasure of living without smoke, the feeling of freedom and a new breath

The hypnotherapist also explores the reasons why smoke prompts a patient.
If you want it, imagine another compensation (running, calming of breathing, inventing another posture, if the gesture is coercive, calling a friend, etc.).
If it is a social habit, we’ll need to get some work done.
If the patient smokes out of boredom, we will work to fill up the empty space with a cigarette.
Finally hypnosis prevents smoker compensating
smoking through food, working in the management of stresses and pressures.

In general, a single session of hypnosis has an immediate effect on the chance of quitting smoking. One or two additional sessions provide a long-term stoppage. Sessions can take place individually or in small groups and cost between 45 and 85 euros. That’s the price of 4 to 8 packs of cigarettes.

You may also consult a doctor, psychotherapy or addict.

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