Quitting smoking: how did you get there?

Quitting smoking: how did you get there?
When I was preparing to quit smoking, I often noticed that I really didn’t want the taste of cigarettes.

Stop being alone. and help.

If you choose to quit smoking at your own risk, we recommend you follow the following procedure. This significantly increases the chances of success.

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  • Your best guarantee is to call the stop smoking line, which will give you advice tailored to your situation. In battle Monday to Friday, 11 am to 7 am (0848 000 181, 8 ct./min.)you’ll find doctors in the area, who will know how to best determine the best way to go with you.
  • For two to three weeks, you can keep newspapers where you smoke each cigarette, keep your attention, and how important your cigarette was. Write down the red alerts and think about what you will accomplish in the future. Times are to be held, and you will arrive, because you are strong.
  • You can also buy nicotine substitutes like patches, chewing gum, inspirational, candy, or other medicines. Take advice from a doctor or pharmacist. This has proven to double your chances of not resuming smoking after a year. There are also prescriptions for drugs. Talk to your doctor.
  • Write down the date when you’re going to quit, and now try to quit on some tiny cigarettes.
  • On the eve of D-Day, take all cigarettes and whatever you smoke.
  • Ask your family and friends to uphold you.
  • Download the “SmokeFree Buddy” application for smartphones, you should wake up to stop smoking.
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  • Smoking naps is a unique day to remember. We recommend that you take your time and do something you’ve never done before. For example, go to another city or get a private health day.
  • Never forget that a smoke stimulant lasts only 3 to 5 minutes before it disappears. The more time passes, the lesser these desires will be.
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  • Keep sugar-free candy or chewing gum or toothpicks handy. You can find more tips here.
  • Exercises and small activities practice every now and then. In the morning, for example, a few sit ups or take ten deep breaths before the open window.
  • Restore your progress. Treat yourself to something you’ve spent money on in cigarettes.
  • Keep appetizing fruits or vegetables on hand, don’t attempt to replace high-calorie foods with cigarettes.
  • In difficult times, don’t think you’re better if you smoke. What exactly are you talking about?

All tips here at the bottom.

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