Quit smoking without gaining weight? Mission done!

Quit smoking without gaining weight?  Mission done!

The Truth About Weight Gain

Why do smokers seem to have less similar weight? Here are three explanations. Cicero:

  • it diminishes taste and smell, which diminishes the desire and pleasure of eating;
  • hunger lessens anger;
  • Increases metabolism, meaning the body will spend more energy (burning calories) when smoking.

Termination of smoking results in an average weight gain of 2.3 to 4.7 kg (5 to 10 pounds) after one year of abstinence. Of course, since this is a means, some will gain almost no weight, while others will gain a few extra pounds.

Weight gain occurs during the first two months sixth, it slows down somewhat. Still, no matter how much weight you gain, the health benefits you receive from quitting smoking will always be significantly greater, even if you are overweight.

Warning: Smoking cessation is often accompanied by intense curiosity and difficulty experiencing boredom. People who exceed 10 kg after giving up the chimney can gain access to foods, just as it is normal or expected to gain a great weight.

After a year, the metabolism rebalances and weight strengthens in many ex-smokers. Many of them lose weight after this time without any extraordinary effort. After a year, if you’ve gained weight by quitting smoking, it will be time for you to lean on the pounds you have gained.

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