Quit smoking – Bury Council

Quit smoking – Bury Council

What you need to aim is smoke free

It’s never too late to stop smoking and do so many benefits:

  • Younger looking cute
  • whiter teeth
  • Improved breathing and fitness levels
  • Live a healthier life longer
  • Better smell and taste
  • More energy
  • Maintaining the health of family and friends
  • Money saving

How can we help you with smoke leaks?

We offer free confidential service training and one-to-one support to help stop smoking behavior change. We offer this service to anyone who has decided to stop or think about smoking. We can advise on all nicotine replacement products just for prescription and we can recommend Champix and Zyban.

In the process of departing, we will offer you stimulus support and advice to help you reduce your confidence in medication, such as nicotine restoration therapy.

You can access this support face-to-face at one of our venues, via telephone or through a link that fits your needs and lifestyle.

Want to get started with smoke cooker?

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