overcome the obstacles of the mind

overcome the obstacles of the mind

Under the influence, management of emotions… cessation of smoking has many consequences that must be overcome in order to quit smoking. On the occasion of the launch of the month without tobacco expedition, this Monday, November 1, tobacco specialist and clinical psychologist Loréna Pol welcomed the family.

Nov 01, 2021 at 06:15 AM | updated at 17:34

Quitting smoking is never easy. There are many psychological barriers that can deter a smoker from leaving. The most immediate effects of this are withdrawal.

“First, it generates the most violent cravings of smoke, which we call craving,” explains Lorena Pol, a clinical psychologist and tobacco worker in Voiron in Isère.

These desires usually arise in circumstances in which a person’s smoking habit develops, such as a break or a trip in a car.

“Smoking can be extremely strong and frequent, but never lasting,” continues the psychologist. If the mask is resistant, it lasts for an average of two minutes. Then it disappears and after a few moments returns into the waves, which also wants to calm down. “

“I feel better and better”

Over the weeks these attacks lose their intensity. They eventually disappear. This period can range from two to eight weeks, depending on the size of the initial body, says Lorena Pol.

After that, “new habits are solidified and we feel better and better”. Desires give way to “a nostalgic memory of the kinds of pleasure that is consumed in smoking”, explains the psychologist.

But the urge to smoke is far from the only psychological impediment to quitting smoking.

The fear of failure, or weight gain, can also play a role.

A building without tobacco

Tobacco also has a meaningless life in the life of a smoker.

“When used to give a cigarette face, a little self-confidence or self-assertion essay can be helpful to live a better life in your absence,” recommends Lorena Pol.

“Finally, work in motion management is always beneficial, as almost all smokers use cigarettes when they experience stress. “

The psychologist recommends “to use all the resources available in order to make the most of your chances,” whether it be a Nicotiana tabacum substitute or a health aid professional.

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