Our 10 tips for quitting smoking

Our 10 tips for quitting smoking

Updated on November 6, 2018

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December 11, 2015

In order to quit smoking, everyone must find a way to suit them. If you decide to do it alone, over-the-plated nicotine therapy increases your chances of success. You may also find other useful tips for receiving ease. Here are 10 tips to keep the odds in your favor.

You have decided to quit smoking and want to take this step on you. There are tips to avoid as much as possible.

Get your stock before you quit smoking

First ask yourself the right questions; why stop smoking? You want a boy, you’re pregnant, for your loved ones, ridicule for love, for your health. every smoker has the idea that alcohol affects you more than anyone else. Keep in mind will allow you I will keep your case the key element of the game. during this weaning and especially in difficult times.

Then it shouldto assess the degree of dependence. You can do this Fagerstrom test. This step is important because it should determine the dose of nicotine substitutions necessary for weaning.

Another moment which method is right for you? Each smoker is unique and what worked for a loved one can’t work for you. The important thing is to find the method that best suits your smoking profile. yes which one you prefer suddenly or gradually.

Choose a day to quit smoking

After taking into account your rates of making off smoking and assessing your level of dependence, you need to choose the day to get started. This will prevent you from prolonging your retirement tomorrow, but will also leave you to stop this policy and prepare to overcome certain obstacles. Proposed option, if you like smoking, have to buy your substitute…

No more rumors or rumors about quitting smoking

Don’t get tired of any preconceived notions. Just because you quit smoking doesn’t mean you are going to weight where to be irritable and unpleasant about your company. If it be done it is not irreparable : a diet that should allow you to avoid or limit weight gain while kicking back and making a little more fun, and with regard to signs of detraction, nicotine substitutes can greatly reduce them.

Use nicotine substituting

Use vicarious dose increase your chances of success by 50 to 70%. This is because inhaled nicotine smoke very quickly passes into the blood and brain. Makes addiction and when I stood unpleasant withdrawal symptoms are experienced (irribility, lack of deficiencies…), which can lead to the renovated. Nicotine substitutes come compensate for some of this lack of nicotine by providing the body with the necessary dose to avoid the feeling of withdrawing. They diffuse slowly. Each substitute must be adequately dosed efficient. They are his genera;

They can be associated with relatively better efficiency. The nicotine patch will spread slowly throughout the day on a constant basis. But to strongly tolerate the urge to smoke, especially at times when “important” cigarettes (coffee time, after food, evening…), gums, tablets or an inspirational response provide a more appropriate response to this stimulus.

Identify risky conditions to better cure them

You will experience certain situations, you know what is in advance. Beyond physical dependence, cigarettes can also induce psychological dependence. Before you quit smoking: learn about tough times : a summer evening with smoking friends; a coffee, end of dinner… And especially open-ended advicesome answers. Firstly avoid drinking alcohol When you’re gone if you want to smoke, ask yourself the answers you’ll give to people who offer you a cigarette: “No, quit”. your friends: a movie, indoor dinner, choose places where you can’t smoke. For a cigarette at the end of dinner, as soon as you ate get out of the table and brush your teethIn one way replace coffee with herbal tea or drink a full glass of water.

Do you want to crack? Wait a minute

The urge to smoke is strong and seems overwhelming. But this appetite will be intense for about 5 minutesshe its peak time will decrease. Try to be strong to get beyond it. To help you take a deep breath, drink a big glass of water, walktake possession of your mind until it becomes less powerful. If you are using nicotine replacement therapy, now is the time to take a gum tablet or get out your inhaler.

Healthy living lifestyle

Less out of breath, opportunity to discover physical activity that makes you happy. Not violent but mean distract you, de-stress you to help you limit or avoid weight gain linked to this loss. Similar to a weaning diet, it is not time to undertake a lively diet, but you can opt for small adaptations. healthier diet. For example, if you want to have sugar and fruit on hand, avoid refilling your table, eat balanced, but just enough to avoid aggressive things that can make you crack.

List the beneficial end effects

They are many, varied, and can be seen quickly without interruption;

  • You are less panting;
  • You unveil flavors and smells;
  • Who’s in you better breathing;
  • You do significant savings.

Health effects

For there are immediate and long terms;

  • To the end 20 minutesblood pressure and heartbeat return to normal
  • To the end 24hcarbon monoxide is released
  • On 72hyour spirit is better
  • On 2-3 weekscough and fatigue decrease;
  • Single for 9 months after the last cigarette, the bronchial eyelashes grow back, less and less panting;
  • To the endun anthe risk of myocardial infarction is halved and the cerebrovascular accident associated with non-smoker;
  • To the end 5 yearsthe risk of lung cancer is nearly halved
  • After 10 to 15 years, your life expectancy is the same as a non-smoker.

Get support

Advise about you nourish you to stop smoking. If you are smokers, ask them not to be tempted to ignite a cigarette in front of you.

If we can help you talk to former smokersthey ask for experience, tips, and advice. You can also connect with someone who is also going to help one another during the retreat. If you don’t know, you can go to the forum.

And if you like to go crack Go to Tabac info service website or call 3989 personal advice.

Be kind to you

Very important, ne it’s not hard on yourself. It’s a fun time, it’s only an easy life. Too much pressure would also be the opposite, since stress is the number one cause of relapse in smokers who attempt to quit. rather keep positive thoughts treat yourself to small pleasures as a reward, when you pass by degrees without smoked.

And if you crack‘Don’t be alarmed’ that doesn’t mean you’ll never do it. But you can learn from your mistakes and try to adjust the method the next time. The average smoker attempted 4 serious attempts before quitting smoking successfully. If you get there first, it’s good, but if it takes longer, as well, it’s extremely good to get there!

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