Make commitment to quit smoking on World No Tobacco Day

Make commitment to quit smoking on World No Tobacco Day

Today, May 31, WHO/Europe celebrates World Non-Tobacco Day. With the slogan “Hurry up!” This year’s campaign aims to help the 100 million people around the world who are trying to quit smoking through a variety of digital projects and solutions.

These are the Florentines, who are the superintendent of digital health, assisting smokers, establish quit programs, and fight the smoke-accidental deaths of COVID-19; it also directs them to other digital deduction services, such as free phone numbers and tablets. In addition, WHO developed the WhatsApp weaning program, which provides support that enables sending messages over 6 months to each user.

While many smokers want to get rid of their tobacco and nicotine addiction, many do not have the proper tools or support to succeed in this endeavor. Without help, only 4-7% of people try to quit smoking. For this reason, well-structured and accessible farm developments are an essential part of “Commit to quit!” pay. ยป No Tobacco Day is Celebrated in the World.

One of the greatest threats to global health

The scale of the tobacco epidemic is colossal: it poses the greatest threat to global health and kills more than 8 million people each year. Its risks are beyond the physical health of people as well as affect the economic well-being, with the annual cost of smoking worldwide estimated at $1,400 billion.

Since nicotine is an addictive substance, it is very painful to stop taking it. Some groups find it more difficult to leave than others, especially when smoking is associated with other social or emotional factors, such as unemployment. The hope, however, is that not only do smokers want to retire, but they can overcome accessory tobacco and nicotine-assisting well-designed cessation services.

In addition to the long lasting noxious effects of smoking, smoking cessation is of utmost importance this year due to the coronavirus pandemic: the global health crisis has provoked complications among smokers. Coronavirus is a real cause to quit smoking because smokers are at greater risk. Diseases caused by smoking are the main causes of risk of death from COVID-19, and smoking in hospitalized patients is associated with higher severity and death.

Moreover, the support of the withdrawal, like many other offices, was severely affected in the hovel. Pandemic has severely limited access to personalized consulting services that tend to benefit people through health care services, but also their availability. WHO is a priority in 2021, therefore providing a new impetus to support people who want to quit smoking.

Duplicate services can be alienated in case of perpetual fencing on the use of tobacco products. Thanks to monumental public health services, a third of the world’s population, or 2.4 billion people, among 140 million in the WHO region of Europe now have access to the best weaning services. These are essential services for all countries suffering from the tobacco epidemic.

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