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Because of the current COVID-19 situation, I have put policies in place to enable smoking to access services while still following distant social norms. Please remember that you can quit the kit instead of heading out to help you at this time as well.

This is a free support service tailored to your needs. You don’t need to quit smoking immediately, but you will begin to take steps to do it and we’ll get as many appointments as you need.

Usually you will be offered one-to-one appointment with the council, but there are also several areas that offer group and drop-in services. Depending on where you live, the neighborhood GP, local surgery, pharmacy, high-street shop, or even a mobile clinical bus could be.

In your first meeting with your counselor, you’re talking about what is smoke and why you want to quit, as if you’ve made any attempts to quit in the past. You will also be able to decide on a quiet state.

A breath test is offered, which shows the level of carbon monoxide poisoned in cigarette smoke in your body.

You will be informed and you will be informed;

  • how to prepare to stop
  • quitting the day gone
  • The Champix
  • coping with recession
  • how to stay off
  • weight control
  • relaxation techniques

A licensed nicotine replacement therapy is available for free if you register with a special smoking stop service supported in the pharmacy. The pharmacist staff will provide advice and support and help you choose the type of NRT that will suit you the most.

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