Are smokers more susceptible to coronavirus and flu?

Are smokers more susceptible to coronavirus and flu?
Les fumeurs sont ils plus sensible aux maladies virales ?

Je vous propose ici d’étudier pourquoi les fumeurs sont plus sensibles aux maladies virales tel le Coronavirus. Cette épidémie me sert de prétexte pour parler plus largement de l’immunité plus faible chez les personnes qui consomment de la nicotine. J’aimerai aussi vous apporter quelques conseils avant d’arrêter de fumer. Jeter votre dernière cigarette est effectivement la seule vraie solution pour retrouver des défenses immunitaires normales. 

Why is a smoker’s body weaker?

As I wrote in the article in the book with Usain BOLT, the body of a person who consumes nicotine is more fatigued than a non-smoker.

Indeed, nicotine is a toxic alkaloid, psychotropic and neurotoxic. The molecule from the tobacco plant is a long-known pesticide that has long been used as an insecticide. Its use as an insecticide has been banned in France for some years because it is too dangerous to spray on plants. That said, how can anyone think for a second that it is not dangerous in our lungs…?

How it works :

It has long been known that smokers have a lot of deficiencies, especially in anti-oxidants, vitamins and polyphenols. These 3 elements are key factors for your immunity. The stronger your immunity, the better your body will be able to fight against temporary infections.

Nicotine and the many toxins that accompany tobacco combustion, such as carbon monoxide and ammonia, will alter the molecules that serve to defend you against external aggression. In addition, it is known that smokers eat less and have a less varied diet than non-smokers in general.

These deficiencies weaken immunity and open the way for viruses to develop more quickly. Infections will therefore be more severe.

Data have already been extracted from the Chinese experiment, published in the New England Journal of Medicine last weekend. The studies show a causal link between smokers and non-smokers on the severity of coronavirus infection resulting in a 113% increased risk of death. You will find the link in this briefing note.

Furthermore, we have long known that all lung diseases and traditional influenza complicate the recovery of smokers. The bronchial tubes and lungs are clogged and lack their bronchial cilia, so that mucus cannot be cleared normally.

This brings me to people with COPD or emphysema. Obviously, the risk of complications is much higher, especially if you have not stopped smoking. I would also like to add that many people are not yet diagnosed. Beware if you sometimes have problems with shortness of breath, it could be that you are at an earlier or later stage of the disease.

What should you do!

As a former heavy smoker, I can only advise you to do one thing: Stop smoking quickly!

I know this scares you all too well, but I have a promise to make to you:

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