It’s time to quit smoking! How to do it?

It’s time to quit smoking!  How to do it?

Smokers, smokers: now is the time! Time to take the necessary challenge: quitting smoking.

We have not yet validated comparisons between smoking groups and non-smoking patients among coronaviros, but, according to a published study. in The New England Journal of Medicine, infected smokers are more at risk of developing a serious form of covid-19.

In case of already certified tobacco use significantly increases the risk of many serious health problems including respiratory problems and cardiovascular disease. Since this means that it is always a good idea to quit smoking, it is important to quit smoking during these periods reduce the damage COVID-19″“can’t read the website of”World Order Sanitarius. The same story with the Foundation of Cancer, where n tobacco prevention spokesman Dr Anne Boucquiau explains:

More than ever, we recommend that smokers stop smoking so that their bodies are best resistant to infections.

Health care is a good motive to quit smoking, for yourself and for others, your loved ones and your caregivers.

In fact, smoking has long been known to damage eyelashes in the respiratory tract. The movement of these cilia is necessary to remove dust, bacteria, viruses, and mucus from the airvia. When eyelashes are confronted with smoke, they are amazed damaged or shuts down this important protective device.

The good news is to quit smoking after a few days; this protective mechanism begins to repair and in case of infection you will be able to recover better.

This is already a valid proof of quitting smoking.

Now you ask for a reason; It’s time to take action! In practice there are several schools: those who spend the night, who use nicotine substitutes, who substitute tobacco with school, or even those who post the first cigarette of the day after, until they are completely free.

The main thing is to find the method that best suits you and don’t lose sight of lime: stop smoking forever. Here are several small tools that can help you during your retirement:

Replace cigarettes with a healthy routine: “My notebook: Stop smoking”

If you have fearing weight to smoke, and/or want, at the same time, to establish a healthy and sporty routinetherefore “my notebook: stop smoking” will fit perfectly with you. Playful and friendly, this booklet offers a 8 week program to a smooth stop with sports sessions, but also tips and curly eating options, as well as yoga and meditation exercises to de-stress. To shop here.

Depart overnight: “Stop smoking down the road”;

Allen Carr has long struggled to quit smoking but was unable to succeed. And then one day he was depressed and quitting was a cinch. Allen Carr shares his magic method in a book titled “Easy way to stop smoking several thousand copies had elapsed. The and best explains how program your brain Since it’s absolutely essential for a cigarette to feel relaxed or in your upper body, he puts his finger on the “trap” of high energy tobacco and helps you gain self-confidence and gradually regain your freedom from smoke. To shop here.

To be supported: applications to quit smoking

If you are attached to stats and need to feel protected and supported, apps can be a good way to support your career.

“Tabac Info Service”, “Quit Now”, or even “Kwit” are available on this subject. These will give you clear information about what’s happening in your body every hour without a cigarette, remind you of your reasons, and above all, allow you interact with others who also quit smoking.

Follow a professional for: Tabac Stop

If you’re unsure which method is best for you and the desired professional advice, be sure to ask. Stop tobacco free numbers. By calling 0800 111 00 (available every working day from 3 am to 7 am), a. professional tobacco specialist will advise and support you on your questions.

You can also, even via Tabac Stop requesting coaching personnel over the phone to provide you intensive support in ceasing smoking.

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