Is it time to quit smoking?

Is it time to quit smoking?

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Have you ever felt pained to leave home to family and friends? It is likely that you are aware of the dangers of your safety and have attempted to retire several times already. However, it must be comforted that it is never too late, as studies show that people who quit after mid-thirty-six hours of life avoid smoking every day.

Why should i quit?

According to Sarah Brown, a registered nurse at the AXA Health Safety Band, smoking not only increases the risk of lung cancer, but could be twice as likely to have a heart attack as non-smokers. Smoking can also lead to fertility problems, gum disease and COPD.

Serone has quit?

The answer is “no” – it’s never too late to leave. Tobacco cessation saves lives and has the potential to cause some, if not all, of tobacco smoke damage to the lungs. According to a 2019 World Health Association report, don’t take a tobacco breath, “departing as soon as possible is necessary to prevent the onset of chronic lung diseases that are potentially irreversible once you’ve grown up.”

Professor Robert West, Professor of Health Psychology and Director of Tobacco Studies at University College London, says ending smoking can also help those already suffering from smoking related diseases: “Even smokers who have the disease progression to smoking-related illnesses have slowed or inverted and improved quality of life when quitting “

Tips to help you stop smoking

If it’s just time to quit smoking, there are a few simple measures that can really help you get started and keep you on track;

  • First and foremost we decide to set a limit in the future and stick to it.
  • Members, help out your family and friends who are able to stay with you.
  • Visit your doctor or local stop smoking clinic. There are a number of strategies left out that will be available to help you get gum, tablets or inhalers.
  • Finally, and perhaps most importantly, don’t mention it. If you fail the first time, try again. Try and persevere. It’s never too late to save life.

In addition to resources

Find your nearest NHS Stop Fitness Time on the NHS Smokefree website or Smokefree National Helpline on 0300 123 1044 to speak to a skilled consultant.

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