I quit smoking on lockdown

I quit smoking on lockdown

Posted by Devon Society Trust on #ProudofDPT, News, Recovery and Safety on October 12th, 2020

Quit smoking this Stoptober and breathe

Everyone can be an important part of someone’s life and be part of their daily ritual. a cigarette with coffee in the morning, another at lunch with friends, two after a stressful day at work. These rituals of routine can be difficult to break and undone can seem impractical. However, many good quiet stories happen daily and today, Joanne, a psychologist working well for TALK, shares a wonderful story and explains how smoking puts her on lockdown. Jean says:

JoanneThink back to March, when things were “normal”, a life that we knew was happening, and we were all continuing with our practices of work and domestic life. smoking: the very thought of changing these habits seems too much and we will change something ‘tomorrow’, then we pass the global pandemic, which takes on the life of many with its aggressive respiratory effects. The thought of contracting a disease which could make me gasp was a timid pregnancy: I would like to say that I was not afraid.

“My plan to quit smoking was formed as a pandemic of progress and booking an appointment with my Stop Smoking advisor to my GP practice. It was a second week lockdown, we’re working at home and everything has changed. From failure to commute to work, children having home to school at home (I loosely say this ) and our journey sailing through chaos, which is the worker’s house, came the big day, and I rejected any smoking paraphernalia that could tempt me and firmly. I took the first patch. Every hour had passed and each craving was helped with a mint of gum and thoughts about how healthy I was if I just stuck to the cues I had previously engaged in smoking, like switching to work and meeting with other human smokers, which made things a lot easier.

Joanne“Come June, I walked around 8km a day with one lucky golden retriever and signed up to raise money for the Samaritans Marathon Course in July. I felt better than ever. I wasn’t awake.” I ran my marathon successfully for two weeks, and I raised 180£ for the Samaritans. Accordingly, the achievements of 26.2 miles in two weeks were not successful.

“As I signed up to stop smoking through the use of my GP service, I passed an e-mail with an online survey by the Action for Smoking and Health (ASH). I happily completed the research by leaving a detailed account of my experience. This took a ripple effect when the Financial Times and CBS America were too old to interview me later. Invited to a national meeting with the Smoking and Mental Health Society, where I now get information about how other trusts help people with mental health difficulties sending off fumigations, which reminds me to help me create a change inside DPT.

“I’m sitting on a rock and a half to write this story lighter, with no appetites, better self-esteem, and work satisfaction. At first I found it difficult to talk about it because I smoked, due to anti-social stigma and perception. However, if my story plays on only one person change it helps to achieve, it is well.

Start smoking some time before the end of your journey.

How can you quit?
There’s plenty of free support available so you can find out what works best for you. Whether this is online or special assistance from having a trained smoking stoppage here in Devon.

If you live in the Devonshire County Council area and would prefer to speak with someone, you can access free support from a One-Stop Smoking Specialist advisor, or face-to-face (if possible) or by contacting OneSmallStep on the phone 01392 908 139, by e-mailing hello@onesmallstep.org.uk or texting the word BOOK to 60777.

OneSmallStep counselors can provide up to 12 weeks of support and also include Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). NRT products, such as patches and gum, will help your cravings and withdrawal symptoms, and your weekly support sessions with your smoking counselor will provide you with a set of wall devices, tips and curly items to make things a little more relaxed, and encouragement and support if you don’t own something. tricky.

For more tips, motivations, and support on social media, follow OneSmallStep:

For those seeking assistance in the areas of Torbay and Plymouth, request the services below:

  • Torbay: Healthy lifestyles Team on 0300 456 1006
  • Plymouth: are you one on Plymouth 01752 437 177

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