How to quit smoking?

Smoking leads to 3 additions: physical dependence, psychological dependence and behavioral dependence. Saying: Stop smoking in order to get rid of these 3 cocks. Here’s a list of 5 wise things to learn to commit to your self-esteem and quit smoking for good.

1. Use #MoisSansTabac to start quitting smoking

Operation #MoisSansTabac was launched in 2016 by the French Ministry of Solidarity and Health, Public Safety and Health Insurance in partnership. The start is simple: smokers who decide to participate in #MoisSansTabac end smoking during the month of November. The use of this activity as you plan to stop smoking allows you to set a specific date to best prepare for this change. The source was also moved because the challenge was shared with many other French men.

2. List good reasons to quit smoking

Know the river benefits to stop smoking allows you to find the necessary reasons to quit smoking for good. First and foremost for health. The effects can be visible very quickly, because after only two days of smoking is blocked, the smell and taste are honed. Your skin looks better in just one month! Stopping smoking may also reduce the risk of cancer, heart attack or even lung disease. you will breathe better every day.
Another reason to quit is to save money.

3. Anticipate risky situations by knowing them

Smoking a cigarette with a morning coffee, or sharing a moment after a good meal with your friends: Tobacco is often part of the exercise. Therefore breaking off your posture is essential and represented one of the tips for quitting smoking. The idea here is to replace morning coffee with tea or a fine cigarette meal with sugar-free candy, for example.
Arrange a craft in advance against the urge, allowing you to plan better when it appears.

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4. Help from health professionals

While some people succeed in quitting smoking, others need professional help. Accompanying your doctor with the assistance of special supervision permits you to help. Don’t hesitate to ask for help from a tobacco specialist, an addictologist or psychologist if you need it, or other medications such as hypnosis or acupuncture. can also get help over the phone by calling Tabac Info Service at 3989.

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5. Use nicotine substitutions

The uplifting treatment is a mood to help quit smoking. When the days of treatment are taken, the sting of the smoke decreases. This treatment can be taken in transdermal or oral form (chewing gum, tablets or even inhaling). Nicotine substitutes are slowly and regularly nicotine unlike cigarettes. They further allow you to gradually withdraw from the act of smoking and therefore become independent of your body.

Finally getting rid of your lightings, bundles of cigarettes or sports are other tips to stop smoking and put all your chances on your side to make it final.

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