How to quit smoking: why is it so difficult?

Quitting smoking is a good goal that we get on a regular basis. Patch, electronic cigarettes or hypnosis are all good means to get rid of this harmful habit. But why is saying goodbye to tobacco so difficult so often? Advice on how to stop smoking for good?

Every year at the same time, Sandrine, 32, receives one good resolution, which she intends to keep from midnight on December 31: “Drop my pack of cigarettes once and for all.” Problem: “Usually on January 1 around 3pm, when the performance of the party begins to report, I only want it; grill one. Hold on… until 6 am

If Sandrine’s attempts fail on the first day, others, such as David, 41, may boast that he has quit smoking for several months, only to drown again: “You fool thought I was cured and I gave up. temptation in the evening I am convinced afterwards to be content cigarette. After three weeks I was back on my speed one package per day.” Renouncing my experience of “failure” through this commercial framework: “I had gone so far, I had come close to depression, I had been captured.” five kilosto nothing

What is? a way to quit smoking? In addition to addiction Physics: What are the reasons that prevent us from definitively eliminating this destination, which kills hundreds of people a day in France?

Tobacco, one of the most addictive drugs

“I usually compare cigarettes to cocaine terms” addiction» Karila Lawrence explains addictologist psychiatrist and Vice-President of SOS Education Program. “It’s not only nicotine, but also all the things that are in it. The drug is, no more, no less, and one of the hardest, although available over the counter and all over the counter.”

The doctor adds that “the less you start smoking, the stronger the addiction.” “If at the end of five days we have shut down to wind down a purely physical body languageit affects, it becomes more difficult to disappear”, adds Emmanuelle Lacroix, psychologist and psychotherapy.

Role of antidepressant or anxiolytic

“If quitting is so difficult, especially because smoking sometimes lets us compensate for our anxiety,” observes Karila Lawrence. “The fear lest they act differently from this anxiety, or a depressed temperament often prevents them from making a decision.” When I quit smoking, at least on the last attempt, I first detected nine months ago. easy enoughI’ve been really disgusted with the smell of my old ashtray, this pokemon that has stuck on my skin for more than 20 years, says Beatrice, 43 years old. “And then,” he says, “he comes in with treachery to me; he rages with anxiety, his senses avail him nothing, so that my life is no longer of interest.” After spending long weeks with Beatrice and the help of a psychotherapist she began to “get her head out of the water”. “I haven’t touched a cigarette and I’m proud. But I just passed through the hardest time of my life.”

Even if it’s bad, it’s still a joke

If Beatrice had so much trouble, she is confident that “cigarettes have always been a “mark”. some pleasure. She’s marked beautiful musicdinner with friends , i sleep on the beach , good drink aperitifetc. When I stopped, all of these moments seemed soothing and totally devoid of pleasure.” this is the illusion of pleasure.

“I often tell my patients” but this is the only time I confess”, abounds Emmanuelle Lacroix. “It is so hard to manage to take a break!” something other than smokingThere are many substitutes: walking, yoga, exercising, drinking a glass of water, meditating, eating a square of chocolate, etc. To Fabricius, “comforts have come.” music.

“I leave three years ago. The computer and cigarette I work was on the way for a few minutes” but still to breathealright in reality I choked me. Now my music breaks. As soon as I feel that I’m shrinking my attention, I need to lay down, play a song that I love, and run away. And it works.”

Fabienna harasses him: “I never thought it was.” to be well. I have not believed, but I have sense which in a way I used to remind myself of them when I was smoking. I think it’s the endorphins that my brain acquires for nicotine!

Finding time is not easy

“It’s an opportune time to take a plunge, but it’s often difficult to learn. Have to feel really prepared. longingto think about him, to feel the benefits that he will beget for himself and for himself”, describes Karila Lawrence. new Year or his birthday is unacceptable if the matter is not the result of a deeper process.

“The right moment depends on everyone”, adds Emmanuelle Lacroix: “Some people prefer holidays” because they feel “zen”others because of the hyper-activity that will take less time to think. It’s who he is. I would recommend later don’t do it at timesmore so when things do not happen badly.’

Often this is physical. BBC, for example, who died 25 years ago after 25 years of smoking, says: “I have always been prone to the cold, have a blocked nose. But there, when I was turning on each cigarette, I felt my sinuses tighten up, get irritated. And after three or four puffs I, properly speaking, disdain distaste. I was physically unable to smoke. I understood the message and sent my order to me.

“I think the most important thing is in the background” positiveLorenzo Karla. Don’t necessarily project too far in time, say you’ll be without smoke one day already the day of the village. And rejoice with one another, comfort one another.” That number can help: less than 11 minutes of extra life equals cigarettes. Do the math…

The fear of being fat

“Even if it affects women more than men, express this too” the weight of fear quitting,” reports Karila Lawrence. “It happens really often. “Reason? Smoker on average three to four kilos less than the weight that he theoretically weighs.” Allow.” burn 200 to 300 calories every day.

For the same activity, a smoker consumes even more calories than a non-smoker. That’s not to say cigarettes are an unwanted snack of reward. But the psychiatrist gets up and urges “pounds are lost”. “I got Beatrice for nine months,” he confirms.

The first one settles down and is less than the previous effort, which has been divided into ten kilos and a . has ended relapse that he had perished. I try not to think too much about him and motivate me a little more to end the fracture. But clearly chocolate It’s a beautiful substitute…” That being said, all doctors agree on one thing: being lightly overweight is less dangerous than a lung full of slime.

Alone, it’s really complicated

“I really strongly recommend addicted smokers who want to quit accompanyLarry insists on Karla. Not necessarily by blackening or using a tobacco worker, it can also be done by his general practitioner. But it is important that what one feels is beneficial for comforting words, drugs aids, substitutes for patches, but also why not e-cigarettes, etc.”

“I think I’ve seen three months without boredom, I’d like to get back. She realized that I had to stop this – at 43 the same time! – in a way that stings the thing. in adult liferesponsibility, and that is not clear to everyone”, confirms Beatrice, who is confident that she doesn’t speak so much about tobacco with her therapist, but about everything that has caused her “dependency on this person”.

Fabrice discovers the strengths for “thanks to hypnosis”. “I was skeptical, but I probably wouldn’t have done it without it, like I would have hated “reprogrammed” cigarettes.

Journalist Caroline Franc Desages is also the author of the blog “Pensées a Caro”

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