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how to quit smoking |  British Lung Foundation

To obtain the vehicle. It can be hard to change a lasting habit, whether you eat as much as you exercise or smoking. You don’t need to do this on your own. With help from friends, family and professionals, you’re going to be more successful.

You’re about 3 times more likely to successfully stop smoking if you use a combination of presenting treatment and specialist help.

Stop smoking free specialist services near you on the Smokefree website.

Stop smoking treatments

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Nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) comes in a variety of forms and helps to encourage you to overcome smoke. The prescription is available from your local GP or stop smoking service, or you can buy it from the pharmacy. All nicotine therapies release your blood in a safe way.

Therapies include patches, gum, leaves, pies and inhalers. Patch slowly release the load. Other therapies operate faster. Stop smoking service, your GP or pharmacist can help you choose the best product for you. E-cigarettes are another form of nicotine treatment. They are worth more than other products, but you should buy them yourself and still carry some risk during long-term use. Other NRT products are risk-free.

For most people, the best approach to NRT is to combine 2 types. This usually means that the NRT patch will provide a level of background and a faster active product, such as gum, inhalator, or nose foam to use when you have cravings. Therapy usually lasts 8-12 weeks before you gradually reduce the dose and discontinue.

Other medications to stop smoking

Other medications available on the NHS are: varenicline (Champix) and buproprion (Zyban). Either way can double the chances of delaying. Recent research has suggested varenicline is more potent and more efficacious than NRT. Ask your GP about this.

I have used a nicotine supplement and have found the e-cigarette really useful when breathing. Having a nurse talk about leaving during surgery was so helpful. She encouraged me.chris who quit 4 years ago

What about using e-cigarettes (vaping)?

Using e-cigarettes (vaping) is 20 times less damaging to your health than smoking. You can find the type of e-cigarette and e-liquid that fits your needs on your own, but a local smoking stop service can also advise you and provide additional assistance and medications.

smoking is 20 times more harmful to health than vaping

When you switch completely from smoking to vaping, you’re likely to get significant health benefits. Now there are over 1.5 million people in the UK who have successfully stopped smoking with the help of e-cigarettes.

If you can, it is best to stop and falter, especially if you have a lung condition. It is not yet known if any of the many types of e-cigarettes harms you if you spend time with vapes. But, it is much better for your health to continue vape than to return to smoking!

How do I know when I’m ready to stop smoking?

Fill in our online questionnaire to remind yourself why you’d like. You can print so you can save it anywhere you can see.

Complete the online questionnaire

When you’re ready to stop smoke- have a plan

Consider the conditions in which you will be tempted, and come up with ways to overcome the urge. For example: “If I’m with friends who are smoking, I’ll leave the room.”

Our top tips to stop smoking

  • Choose the date of stay and you will be non-smoker from that day. Tell your family and friends and think about some fun to get your attention away from it.
  • Ask your friends and family for help. If anyone thinks of staying near you, why do you not stop together to support one another?
  • Clear out everything at home or at work that reminds you of smoking.
  • Say you’re a non-smoker and think you’re single.
  • Think about possible withdrawal symptoms and how to get it.

We went after Christmas. I decided it was an opportune time to stop, as I was absent from places that were usually smoked. Getting out of the back yard to smoke has become like a natural habit.

Just before we went away, I had my last cigarette – and never looked back. Judith

For a warning about smoking treatment, stop talking with your GP, pharmacist or local presenting smoking service.

Then: How quickly do I feel better? >

Download our stop smoking information (230KB, PDF)

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