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Everyone is addictive.

It is difficult to stop, but with your help and support can quit smoking.

Quitting smoking can be one of the most difficult, yet rewarding things a person can do. Most smokers say they want to quit, and have tried at least once. Some succeed at first, others attempt several times before they finally yield to good.

It might take time, but it can be difficult, as it’s done depending on your body’s nicotine, but many people have succeeded in retiring smoking. Become one of them, quietly doing the design, using these steps;

  1. Why quit smoking?
    Why you want to quit and learn about the health benefits.
  2. What feels like quitting
    Learn what quitting feels.
  3. Know your triggers
    Keep a quiet diary and learn what makes you want to smoke.
  4. Retiring mode
    Find out what tools and methods are available to you.
  5. Make a quit decision
    Learn how to develop a quit plan that will work for you and write it down.
  6. Coping leaving and staying smoke-free
    Understand what assistance is available for you to rest and stay smoke free.

Maybe it’s a friend or family member who needs to rest. How can you find help someone quit.

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