how to quit smoking

how to quit smoking

A drastic increase in the price of cigarettes: good resolutions when cigarettes are cold or in the rain

But if it seems difficult, it is not impossible! The question arises: a million French people are said to stop smoking between 2016 and 2017. How do they do this? Certainly such men from whom we have collected these testimonies.

  • 37-year-old Corine: “Farewell by me”;

“I was the first cigarette smoker in contact with my ex, a big smoker in front of me. Post-stunning, I told myself I had already lost three years of my life because of this crazy… wasn’t “tricked up for lung cancer.”

  • Grégoire, 42 years old: “God’s thumbs up to my daughter”.

“This summer I told my 7-year-old daughter that now she is a big girl, she must stop smoking.” I told him too without thinking too much. That evening he stuck his hand in his thumb, and definitively stopped “addiction”. He stuck out and had my end… That’s good for me.”

  • 42-year-old Celine: “My friend was my savior”.

“My new darling doesn’t smoke. Ten years ago it goes away. My cigarettes don’t taste the same as before and before my smoking wraps. Smoking alone spoils the pleasure..J quickly quit.”

  • Valerie, 39-year-old “Never Bear”

“When I decided on smoking for a bunch of good reasons – the same as all others, for sure. When I proudly announce this role, my boss looked at me with disdain: ‘Pff, never. I didn’t want to take a lot of pleasure in him anymore, but then I found it so bad that I said to myself “Come on, you’re going to see what you’re going to see. Thanks to him, I never touched a cigarette.”

  • 32-year-old Maria: “Family, best help”;

“I’m scared to leave, thinking it’s impossible, because it was a terrible recession, bordering on a heroin junkie in rehab. And then one day my dad was quit smoking. Overnight, thanks to Allen Carr’s book. He smoked for 40 years. It got me back and made me pretty good inquisitive. Of course, because I want you to leave me to work, and read, and slowly he delivers, but does the work.

  • Soizic, 31 years old: “What could be worse than pregnancy?”

“But the radical factor: for me it was a positive trigger for my pregnancy.”

  • Sophia at age 43: “Thank you, my son!”

“I knew I was just going to leave the day I found my son smoking with his friends and even in the bedroom behind my back. Say for example, I smoke under his eyes every day. drowning.

  • 38-year-old Nicholas: “Love is proven”;

I am getting away for love and have worked. I decided to convert my budget cigarette gifts to my future wife, and that was the best case. After fifteen years we are still happy and have not passed away.

  • Rose, 22 years old: “Between a cold and a cigarette, I made my choice quickly.”

“Great club, I quit smoking shortly after the smoking ban in public places in January 2008, when I had to choose between going to smoke in the snow in my clothes, or I was in a dirty jar of nicotine and denigrated along with other crazy people. Suddenly I had a lot less cigarette in my eyes joy.

  • 30-year-old Bruno: “Goodbye sad places”;

“One day a coworker taxed the usual brand of cigarettes. I had to smoke a fire from our flight, a smokers’ sacred den, and a room before everything. agree well.”

  • Chichi, 28 years old: “Why do they put on all the perfume and the smell of tobacco?”

“One day, a very beautiful woman walked past me. She only smoked a strong cigarette, and the smell was absolutely cheap. I have only purchased ointment myself (Canale No. 5) I have looked down at my baggage; I wondered why I smelled so debauchery, but that it spoiled that foul smell of tobacco: it was six years old, and never smoked of it. 10 years of success. And of course, I smell delicious.’

  • Stephane, 39 years old: “I wouldn’t be a beech worry anymore!”

“It was Sunday morning. When I saw people looking in agony in anticipation for the tobacco grills to open, I made up my mind that these moments will never come back to life again.”

  • Caroline, 27 years old: “Smoking got sick”.

“I went on a trip to Israel for two months with very high temperature: 50° in the desert. For the first time in my life I got sick of smoking. Don’t smoke for a while, I was convinced to eat again soon. My foot on French soil. The day of my return, I found cigarette firing so shocking. I used to say that I wanted to return, and I never wanted to come back. I still can’t believe it. The wall of mourning is a miracle!”

  • Flora 35: “Work was my end”;

“For work, I had to go to Senegal and receive anti-malaria treatment. Bad news: I had the right side effects, with severe anxiety and panic attacks. Good news: I confirmed that at the airport I decided to quit smoking, I just bought two cartridges of my prescription And, for help and security, I think it’s possible to quit smoking lots of packages under my elbow just in case, but never, never again.”

  • Catherine is 38 years old: “my father’s little dog was crushing”

“I put on my pack until the day my dad told me he had cancer. It was ten years ago.”

  • Julia, 29-year-old daughter: “I already knew life was precious”

“I quit smoking after the death of my 18 year old cousin who died from a long illness. In the evening I realized that life was precious and I wanted to enjoy it for as long as possible.

  • Sophia, 34 years old: “I thought of myself early on Sunday”;

“A big smoker (when I had fags under my shadow sooner than I was 15) thought I was going to die on a Sunday evening after being very drunk. A sour point around my heart, a whole tobacco shop in my mouth, I saw myself pass by. Without thinking, I didn’t smoke all day Monday nor Tuesday. every single one that kills to wake up to a lot of friends!”

  • Aeneas, 19: “I wanted to be free of the rivers”

“It’s a little silly, but I quit smoking in this case, after reading a study that said nonsmoker was better protected against the H1N1 flu epidemic. I don’t know why I don’t care about the flu ».

  • 40-year-old Daniela: “I’m such a classy girl, without a cigarette in my hand.”

“The weather was very nice on the terrace at restaurants. Two girls in front of me. One was smoking, the other was not. I saw a smoker envy, telling me that I had given him a cigarette industry. I also grieved him for smoking so frankly when I had quit. And then I saw another who He had no smoke, and rang there: his girlfriend looked so nice, and she looked so good, but without a cigarette… From that time on I was this classy girl, without a cigarette in my hand.

  • Claude, 35 years old: “I pretended to be a game”;

“One morning I was like, ‘What if I don’t light up?’ At noon: ‘Great, you’ve held until noon, can’t you hold up until 5 am?’ And so on until the evening. The next morning, I was so proud that I kept one day without a cigarette. I tried to hold on for more than one day. And so on. This lasted six years… It’s a wonderful “field of possibilities” for me. Last year I took care of my extra pounds, exactly the same technique.

  • 26-year-old Stephen said: “I’ll release this premature annoyance in my head.”

“Six years ago, I quit smoking six years ago. Six years of freedom. Two years ago I was very much addicted to tobacco, like a drug addicted to its “hard product” I don’t like. head troubles, and on the day I was finally freed, what a leg up!”

  • Geraldine, 31: “It all started with a broken leg”;

“I smoked my pack all day, but in secret; the man didn’t know it. One day I broke his leg, I couldn’t get out of the house, and the man went home to work.” From that, I still laugh when I hear a voice: “I wanted to break a leg better”: sometimes it’s good to break a leg.

  • Agnès, 33 years old: “I quit smoking for no specific reason”.

“My story is very bizarre, but apparently very crowded: for no particular reason I quit smoking! I just walked the window open, it was a beautiful month of May 2007, and suddenly I said, “It’s last!”

  • 38-year-old Francis: “Thank you Allen Carr”

“After 15 years on one pack a day and three bogus quit attempts, I felt ready for a good rest with my girlfriend. So we bought the book Allen Carr that we had. We heard a lot, and poof! Eight days later. We were driving at the same time six years ago The worst part is I wonder why I didn’t do it so easily, now I find it so ridiculous.

  • Elodie, 32 years old: “I no longer wanted to enrich the republic”;

“I quit smoking 7 years ago, while I was on holiday quietly by the sea. At first I learned that there was only a (huge) increase in packs of cigarettes, which others also follow. By deceiving I will no longer give to spoil my salvation.

  • Anna, 28-year-old: “Cigarettes have quickly become a great choice for diet.”

“My dream apartment has just been made available. Unfortunately, the rent was more than 200€ plus my apartment was on the way, it’s impossible for me to take care of this price. Jokingly, my sister told me: “Every month you consume 200€ of tobacco, stop smoking and you’ll have it, your great apartment!’ He checked in my head, I collide with my cigarette, which is called real estate, and today I not only love my house, but it smells good. too.’

The article was published in 2009 in Marie Claire magazine.

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